Sunday, 5 July 2020

Deeply Religious, Exemplary Christian, Hungarian Paedophile

Gábor Kaleta, former Hungarian ambassador to Peru and member of a paedophile ring.
"A deeply religious man who has led an exemplary life"

Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI
Hungarian Ambassador Charged with Child Pornography Pleads Guilty in Court - Hungary Today

If you're 'a deeply religious man who regularly exercises his faith', possession of 19,000 images of child pornography on your laptop will only get you a small fine of €1,535 and a 1 year prison sentence, suspended for 2 years and 6 months, in Catholic Hungary.

So Hungary's former ambassador to Peru, Gábor Kaleta, found when he pleaded guilty to the charge of possessing child pornography last Wednesday.

According to his lawyer, Kaleta had:

[L]ived an exemplary life of a lawyer in which he created a diplomatic career and through this, he has served his country. He is a deeply religious man who regularly exercises his faith.

Living an exemplary life and regularly exercising your Christian faith can include looking at child pornograpy, it would seem.

According to the Hungarian tabloid Blikk:

Kaleta said that the incident has severely torn him and his family up; his parents were getting phone calls from unknown persons, and the company where he got a job was also being harassed. “I experience this kind of pressure to the extent that it has made my life quite difficult.

There appeared to be little of the remorse, his layer told the court Kaleta was suffering.

Because he pleaded guilty, sentence was passed without further hearing, due to the special measures made necessary by the Covid-19 pandemic. The evidence discovered during the investigation was accepted. The prosecutor's office is appealing against sentence on the basis that it is too lenient. He had agreed to please guilty in return for an offer of a suspended sentence.

In 2017, Kaleta was subjected to a multi-part security screening which included a detailed questionnaire and further background checks to ensure his fitness for a senior diplomatic post.

Kaleta had been brought back from Peru in secret when an international operation had identified him as part of a paedophile ring. The report of a subsequent parliamentary enquiry into the affair has been sealed for ten years.

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