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Wednesday, 18 November 2020

President-Reject Donald Trump - Portrait of a Disordered Narcissist

President-reject Donald Trump, the best narcissist.
"No-one does narcissism better than me!"
Is This How Narcissists Think? | Psychology Today

An article by Mariette Jansen Ph.D., in Psychology Today neatly explains President-reject Donald Trump's bizarre behaviour. It is characteristic of someone with a narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

Although, like his all too obvious learning difficulties, this has never formally been diagnosed. Nevertheless, he has all five classic symptoms of NPD which can be easily observed.

These are:

  1. I am the best.

    Trump continually claiming to be the best at everything he does - running a business, being President, building a wall... His starting point is always that he is the best.

    A narcissist is basically insecure so needs to constantly try to mask this by trying to convince others that they are the best. Their worst fear is that they will be seen for who they really are - insecure, inadequate, unlovable and lacking self-confidence.
  2. There is only black and white.

    Shades of grey are confusing to a narcissist since they have everything worked out clearly in simple terms. Being the best, once they have an opinion they can't then admit to being wrong by changing their mind.

    Once Trump had made up his mind, nothing could persuade him he was wrong. Being the best, he rejected the opinions of anyone who disagreed with him. He made his mind up that he was going to win the 2020 election and not even the objective evidence of the result of the polls could tell him otherwise. He could only allow for two scenarios; either he won or he had been cheated out of his win - because he was the best candidate, so he kept telling everyone.

    And when he made up his mind that the coronavirus was not as serious a problem as the experts were saying, nothing could dissuade him; not the mounting death-toll nor the record number of cases, nothing.
  3. You are with me or against me.

    To a narcissist, the quality of a person can be judged by what they give him/her. They need constant admiration, attention and confirmation that they are the best. Anyone who falls short on that requirement or, Heaven forfend, actually disagrees with them, is obviously 'the enemy' and hates them.

    People are there to serve the narcissist. They should feel honoured to do so. What other reason could there possibly be for not agreeing with and admiring the best there is?

    Donald Trump has probably sacked more appointees in four years, sometime within days of their appointment, than any other president, and has always launched into a fierce personal attack, questioning their competence, their integrity and usually their morality. They need to be destroyed utterly and completely for their crime of disloyalty. No punishment is too severe.

    He will even try to destroy his own niece, a psychologist, because she wrote a book critical of him.
  4. The only truth is my truth.

    Narcissists have a view of the world that invariably suits their opinion that they are the best and so are always right. Nothing is allowed to challenge that view, not even objective truth.

    Criticism or negative feedback provokes them to anger and aggression and fits of rage. They will try to reframe events to fit this self-serving view, twisting it and even lying about it until it does. Polite discussions are thus impossible since any disagreement, no matter how mild, is seen as an attack; an affront to their dignity, and needs to be punished.

    Donald Trump's frequent response to criticism is to call people liars or fakers. News media which provides a view other than his own self-serving view is called FAKE NEWS, often in upper case for special volume and emphasis, to convince doubters.
  5. I don’t care about you.

    A lack of empathy and social awareness is a characteristic of a narcissist. As the best, no-one is as important as they are. There is research which shows they lack the neurological pathways that regulate empathy and social awareness and this makes them especially dangerous.

    After being diagnosed with Covid-19, Donald Trump held an event in the White House garden and threw his face mask into the crowd at a rally!

    He has displayed a callous disregard for the 248,000 Americans who have died to date as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and has opposed and resisted moves to try to mitigate it. Consequently, the USA has the highest number of cases, far outstripping third-world countries like India and Brazil and accounting 20% of all cases worldwide. It was reported yesterday that he hasn't even attended a coronavirus taskforce briefing for 5 months.

    The important thing for Trump is to maintain the myth that he knows better than the experts because he's the best, so he continued to hold super-spreader election rallies in front of crowds who had been encouraged to believe social distancing and wearing face masks was a political statement opposed to Donald Trump. And he launches frequent personal attacks on the county's leading expert on infection control, Dr Anthony Fauci. His officials have pressurised the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) to falsify the data on the number of cases so it conformed to Trump's view and Trump has cut the funding to the CDC and the WHO for telling him 'FAKE NEWS'.

    Wearing face masks in the White House is seen as a sign of disloyalty with all the consequences that would entail, so the White House has now become a major hotspot for Covid-19 infections with Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and five other officials being diagnosed with the virus. This figure is likely to rise even further.
Dr Jensen summarises the article with:

Imagine a country being led by a narcissist.

This person would be on a personal journey, looking for personal glory. Acting the ‘I am the best’ and shouting out clear statements that wouldn’t leave room for grey: ‘The refugees are at fault, the socialists are wrong, all women are monkeys’. They will attract a following of people who are looking to simplify their lives (apparently that was one of the attractions of Hitler according to Dr Craig Malkin).

In order to be ‘the best’, the truth will be manipulated to suit the story of the leader and anyone who gets in the way will get the treatment (Hitler shot people or sent them off to concentration camps).

If you have a narcissist in your life, keep in mind that their way of thinking will guide them into their actions and opinions. Knowing this will help you keeping yourself safe and sane and being better equipped to deal with them.

A perfect description of President-reject's presidency and an explanation of his appeal to his Trumpanzee supporters who like to see things in simplistic, uncomplicaed, easy to understand, black and white terms, and an apt comparisson to Hitler.

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