F Rosa Rubicondior: Talibangelical Sore Losers - Three False Prophets for Trump

Monday 1 March 2021

Talibangelical Sore Losers - Three False Prophets for Trump

Three False Prophets

Robin Bullock
"Joe Biden doesn't exist"
Shane Vaughn
"Trump will serve 12 years as leader of the nation"
Jeff Jansen
"Trump is still President. Military will return him to the White House this summer"

Robin Bullock declares President Biden isn't really there!
It's fast becoming a characteristic of Talibangelical Trumpanzee Christians that they find reality too difficult to cope with, so need to make up an alternative one.

Here, by way of illustration are three fundamentalist preachers struggling to come to terms with the fact that their idol, Donald J. Trump, lost the presidential election and that Joe Biden is the duly elected President of the United States of America.

First up we have Robin Bullock, a well-known fruitcake, who last November told his followers that God brought about the Covid-19 pandemic to punish people who voted for Hilary Clinton in 2016. Apparently, neither Robin Bullock nor God realised that most of those who caught the virus and died weren't even Americans because it's a pandemic, but Bullock managed to find this prophesied in the Book of Revelations (where anyone can find anything they want prophesied).

Imagine that! The book of Revelations contains prophesies about the outcome of an election in a country that didn't exist at the time it was written and about a democratic process that no-one then had even heard of! And it just happened to be exactly what Robin Bullock needed to justify his earlier false prophesies!

According to Right Wing Watch, having guaranteed that Trump would win because God told him he would, he is now telling his followers that there is no presidency and no administration with:
We are in a full-on spiritual war. What we would call an administration is not one at all. There is no administration right this moment in the White House. Now, I’m just telling you straight up there’s not one there. Now you say, ‘Well, what are you talking about Brother Robin? That sounds crazy.’ Well, I’m about to explain myself. … There’s not an administration in the White House or in the Capitol. When the war left the heavens and came to the ground, this so-called administration is actually a regime whose sole purpose is to stop a prophecy from coming to pass. That’s what it is.

This man is not the president. He’s sitting in the seat, but that’s not who he is. There’s no anointing there. The rightful king is still the rightful king, and he will be the rightful leader. It can’t ever really change until he’s voted out, and he’s never been voted out yet. … Why do you think there’s wire and razor wire and fencing and troops and force and show of everything around [the Capitol]? You only see this in third world countries. The reason is because he’s not right. And now this whole what men are calling an administration is to do nothing. Its sole purpose is to keep the prophecy that the prophets gave that the rightful president would be in office again, and this whole thing is to keep that from happening.
And... it's Biden's fault that Bullock's prophesies are turning out to be a load of old Bullocks, apparently.

What he also neglected to tell his credulous dupes is that the razor wire and troops at the Capitol are because his followers are prone to launch a violent attempted coup d’état when they don't win elections because they feel entitled to tell other Americans who they can have as their president, because they subscribe to a fundamentalist form of a religion whose sacred book contains not a single mention of 'democracy'.

Shane Vaughn - Trump will serve 12 years!

Shane Vaughn - Trump will never be impeached!

Jeff Jansen - Military will install Trump in the white House this summer
Next up we have Shane Vaughn, co-founder of First Harvest Ministries in Waveland, Mississippi, who, like Bullock, prophesied that Trump would win in November 2020 so now needs to explain why that wasn't a false prophesy. He tries this with:
We must sit back and trust that God’s Plan was better than our plan from the beginning, see? The prophet of God, Mr. Kim Clement, said that they would cry “impeach” twice, and that both times, it would come to nothing. That’s exactly what happened. That same minister said that the president would serve two terms. He never said consecutive. That was read into his prophecy, but he didn’t say it. He said two terms. So it’s quite possible, now, that Mr. Trump will serve 12 years as the leader of this nation. Because even though he’s not in the White House, he’s in their head in the White House, night and day.
Perhaps the 12 year term Trump will be serving is in a state penitentiary - for tax evasion or conspiring to interfere with an election count. As a small-time crook, imprisonment for fraud is something Vaughn understands, having served three years himself for 'financial crimes'.

Shane Vaughn still owes his dupes an explanation for why he also prophesied that Trump had never been and would never be impeached, just before he became the first US President in history to be impeached twice.

Lastly but by no means leastly, we have Jeff Jansen of Global Fire Ministries International who declared that Trump is still president and will be returned by the military to the White House this summer. Having also falsely prophesied that Trump will win, he has now deluded himself that he did really. In his fantasy, America is under martial law and is being run by a military tribunal!
You can’t substantiate something in the natural that’s not validated in the spirit realm, and so this whole election is still going. And as a matter of fact, it’s not going, it’s just being looked at. And it’s being looked at right now — I’m not afraid to say it — we’re under military tribunals. The military is in charge of our nation right now. And there’s some people that might not like that. Well, you know, you’ll see, it’s OK.

The last line of defense in our Constitution,” he continued, “it comes down to the military will take control temporarily until order is restored in our nation. And they are not Democrats or Republicans, they could care less, they don’t answer to anybody. They don’t answer to a Supreme Court. They don’t answer to a would-be elect. They don’t answer to anybody. They take control of the republic to figure out the mess, and once they figure it out, once they come to a conclusion based upon their own information, then they will restore power and order back to the people. That’s their job, and that’s the last line of defense. And quite frankly, Steve, you know that’s going to happen.”
Jansen gives us a glimpse there of what he, and probably the rest of the Talibangelicals who tried to stage a coup d’état in January would love to have in government - someone who agrees with them but who isn't answerable to either the electorate of the Supreme Court.

And still it goes on; Talibangelical prophet after Talibangelical prophet, all of whom were so wedded into the Trumpanzee cult that they felt certain enough to 'prophesy' a Trump win, are now having to come up with all manner of bizarre reasons why their prophesy wasn't false and their claim to speak for God has been exposed as phoney, like their livelihood depends on it.

When are enough people going to wake up to the fact that Christianity, Inc, is a money-making scam that allows frauds such as these three to live off the gullible credulity of others and to dress their parasitic existence up as a moral crusade?

Religion provides excuses for people who need excuses!

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  1. "What he also neglected to tell his credulous dupes is that the razor wire and troops at the Capitol are because his followers are prone to launch a violent attempted coup d’état when they don't win elections because they feel entitled to tell other Americans who they can have as their president, because they subscribe to a fundamentalist form of a religion whose sacred book contains not a single mention of 'democracy'."

    The only coup is that of the Dems stealing the election and fabricating many false charges, all discredited, against Trump during the entirety of his presidency. The far left socialist/marxist Dems pose the REAL threat to our republic. Read this and learn the truth.

    1. If you can resist the temptation, please refrain from using this blog as a platform for disseminating extreme right-wing lies. My readers tend to be intelligent people and will be insulted by your transparent attempt to fool them.


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