Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Trumpanzee False Prophet News - The Trump Delusion

Johnny Enslow, Prophet of God
"Trump is still President"
Johnny Enlow Insists Trump Has Been Secretly 'Ruling and Reigning' as the True President | Right Wing Watch

The distinction between religiosity and mental illness, if it's there at all, is often so blurred as to be indiscernible.

This was never more true than the case of the many Christian evangelicals who, whilst declaring themselves prophets of God, through whom God speaks, have now to come to terms with the fact that, to a man (or woman) they all prophesied, on God's authority, that Donald J Trumps would retain the presidency in November 2020. The reality is that their prophesies were false. Trump not only lost to the candidate who polled more votes than any other candidate in American political history, but, for the second time running, lost the popular vote.

Ever since then, every single prophesy by these frauds has proven false too. The courts never overturned the result; the 3vidence of 'massive electoral fraud' was never found; there never was a military coup or successful coup d’état by the Trumpanzees cult, despite trying, and Joe Biden is still president.

What a dissapointment! You felt sure that one more Trump term and you would finally gain the political power to which you're entitled! And it all went wrong when people voted the wrong way!
Raving Nut-Job
'Prophet' Enslow claims Trump is Still president because God says so.
So, what do you do when your livelihood depends on you continuing to fool your followers that you really are a genuine prophet to whom God reveals the truth, when your prophesies are all proving to be false?

You become even more delusional, of course. You make things up and live in a fantastical, delusional world of your own construction. Either that, or you lie to your followers, knowingly or by sharing your fantasies and hoping they are fools enough to continue to give you money for telling them what they want to hear God saying. As a Talibangelical Christian of course, you have self-licenced permission to bear false witness even about God's word! After all, what's a little lie between friends, to a god who'll forgive anything if you say the right magic words?

Johnny Enslow, a keen QAnon conspiracist, for example, tells his dupes that Trump really did win the election and remains in office as the rightful president. Last December, he declared that Trump, as the rightful president, had the right to impose martial law on the country and arrest and execute anyone who was part of 'the conspiracy' to steal the election. Imagine if these people really ever got the power they crave to arrest and execute anyone who opposes them! It even forms part of their rabid fantasy!

Raving Nut-Job
Enslow claims Trump can arrest and execute people trying to 'steal his election vitory'.
Performing impressive mental summersaults and inventing legislation to suit, he declared that even if the Electoral College voted for Trump:
It doesn’t matter. There is an expectation of the Electoral College turning it over to Biden. I’m just going to tell you that the Trump side, they have that in mind, they’re prepared for that. If it has to go that far, it’s OK because that just puts the treason at an official legal level by doing that, and it makes certain high individuals, it makes them guilty at another level.

There is an emergency order from 2018 that this nation is operating under, and they literally are going to go down as traitors,” he added. “You go to the extreme case, it’s executable.

It’s not even that the Supreme Court is the last level, really, we are actually under emergency executive order, kind of a state of war, and President Trump literally has the right to put the whole nation under martial law, to take over social media, where he doesn’t have to have fake news taking his message and not allowing it to get out there. He has legal rights to do that at any time.

What he’s obligated to do as president is to defend this nation from foreign enemies, and he can activate that because what is proven is that foreign agents—China, Iran, Serbia, other ones—were trying to steal an election in this nation, both through the Dominion and the other software, but also through the money that they paid, the millions and millions they paid off. [Trump] can use his national emergency broadcast authority that he has and have on everyone’s cell phone, computer, it show up the actual information and proof of everything, show it to the American people and based on that, all these arrests have to be made of these. It’s not a political thing at all. It is a national security thing. And so he has about five levels of things to appeal to. He has the trump cards.
Raving Nut-Job
Enslow declares Trump won 70% of the votes and is the only president recognised by God who ordained and nominated him.
It never happened, of course.

But that little set-back didn't make Enslow pause for thought and wonder if he had heard God correctly. Last Tuesday He declared that Trump was the only president recognised in Heaven because he had been 'ordained and nominated by the Lord'. He also announced that Trump won 70% of the votes and won in 49 of the 50 states.

He urged his followers to go up to Heaven and see for themselves that Trump is sitting in the presidency throne. There is actually a special throne in Heaven for the president of the United States! Yep! And they swallow that down like good little evangelicals!

Going full fruitloop, Enslow then 'prophesied':
I think a whole lot is going on behind the scenes. I think we have two presidents. Essentially, one’s over the corporation; one’s over the republic. One has the essential machinery of the economy and the essential machinery of the military, and one has things to do with other things; you can say what’s left, a little niche there.

There’s a moment of quick confrontation coming where it’s going to require that things go back fully, visibly in the order that the Lord has said, and that is President Trump will be there again. We’ll find out he’s been ruling and reigning and accomplishing things that he could not accomplish even if he was in the full role of standing in the presidential seat because of the attacks he would be getting. It’s really saving him. There’s a kind of a strategic wisdom to do all you can while they have to shoot at somebody else.
It almost goes without saying that Enslow is an exponent of Seven Mountains Dominionism, an extremist Christian evangelical white supremacist cult working to establish a self-appointing Taliban-style theocratic government in the USA.

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