Friday, 18 June 2021

Watching the Pandemic - UK

Previous 7 Days total cases per 100,000 population
The number of covid-19 cases in the UK is rising again, due to the Δ-variant. It had been falling steadily until about mid-May but is already some 5,000 cases higher that at the peak of the first wave in April, 2020.

The main reason why hospitalisations and deaths are not rising nearly so sharply as they did then, is due to the vaccination campaign in which just over 80% of adults have had at least one dose and close to 60% have had both.

This slideshow uses maps of cases published daily on the UK government Coronavirus UK Summary website. It starts about early April 2021, when I started saving them. An area shown in outline only has missing data.

Slideshows are something which I have been experimenting with for a few weeks and hopefully, I'll be adding some controls to this one in the near future. At the moment is simply recycles back to the first slide when it comes to the end of the list.

I'll be updating it with a new slide each day. A red background indicates the last 7 days.

Thank you for sharing!

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