Thursday, 2 December 2021

Covidiot Genocide News - A Court Backs the Self-Genocide of the US Christian Covidiot Right

Court temporarily blocks San Diego schools' vaccine mandate after suit filed by 16-year-old

Last Sunday, the Californian Ninth District Court of Appeals temporarily blocked San Diego Unified School District’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate from taking effect, one day before students were required to have their first dose.

In essence, the court accepted that the Evangelical Christian covidiot right's objection to the anti-COVID-19 vaccine is part of their religion and therefore protected by the US Constitution. There is nothing in the Bible which prohibits the use of vaccinations, which had not been invented when the books in it were being made up, because no-one then knew anything about germ theory, immunity or antibodies, and the Pope has ruled that it is not immoral to have the vaccines even if stem cells derived from the cells of an aborted foetus were used at some point in its development or testing, because being vaccinated serves a greater good. The vaccines are not, as some antivaxx disinformation sources claim, made from the cells of aborted foetuses.

The court ruling came after a sixteen-year-old Christian girl, backed by the right-wing Christian Thomas More Society, sued the San Diego Unified School District, claiming their mandated vaccination by the end of December 2021, was discriminatory because her faith deemed the vaccine 'morally problematic' because of their alleged association with abortions. The Talibangelical Thomas More Society is keen to promote any cause which amounts to imposing Christian fundamentalism on others and has opposed same-sex marriage on the grounds that Christians have a right to impose their religious view of marriage on others and to take ownership of the institution, obliging everyone to conform to their fundamentalist dogma.

Unless this temporary ruling is lifted or reversed, Christians in San Diego are now free to impose their bigoted selfishness, blaming it on their 'faith', on friends, associates, medical professionals and the public at large by being more vulnerable to a serious infection by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and shedding more virus particles with which to infect others, so taking scarce medical resources, infecting others and acting as a breeding ground to produce even more deadly variants of the virus, and only eventually benefitting from the herd immunity (if that's ever achieved) by vaccination of those selfless enough to get vaccinated, and natural immunity acquired by infection (which may be only short-term).

USA is still leading the world in COVID-19 cases and cases have begun to rise again in the last few days.
Meanwhile, a large pool of unvaccinated people is just what the virus needs, massively increasing its opportunity to produce the occasional mutations that give rise to the waves of new variants we have seen this year. The α variant quickly replaced the original virus, to be equally quickly replaced by the δ variant which is now being replaced by the ο (omicron) variant. All of these variants have arisen in conditions of low population immunity, before the vaccine campaigns started, in the case of α, when the vaccine take-up was still low in India in the case of δ and now in Southern Africa where vaccine take-up has remained low, with the ο variant.

The latest report from South Africa is that ο is very rapidly replacing δ there, suggesting a significantly increased transmissibility. There is still not enough information to assess how serious ο infection can be or the degree to which it can evade the antibodies produced by the vaccines. However, the early indications are that the vaccines offer substantial protection against becoming seriously unwell or dying from it still.

Maintaining a large pool of unvaccinated people in the USA, which seems to be the objective of Christian evangelical extremists, is giving the virus an environment in which ο can mutate and become even more transmissible and possibly more lethal. But that irresponsible disregard for the health and welfare of others has become an integral part of modern evangelical Christianity, based on the plainly hypocritical claim that they are pro-life, the sanctity of which appears to end at birth and never did include the health and welfare of the mother.

And once again we see fundamentalist Christians asserting their assumed right to pick and choose which laws to obey on the grounds of spurious religious objections and demanding legal protection for their selfishness and casual disregard for others with whom they live.


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