F Rosa Rubicondior: The Covidiot Cull is Forging Ahead in the USA

Thursday 30 December 2021

The Covidiot Cull is Forging Ahead in the USA

Covidiot Trumpanzee, antivaxx podcaster and QAnon dupe, Doug Kuzma, has COVID-19 and is unconscious on a ventilator.
Anti-Vaxx Podcaster Reportedly on Ventilator After Attending QAnon-Friendly Event in Texas | Newsweek

The prominent, right-wing, MAGA-hat wearing Trumpanzee and anti-vaxx campaigner, Doug Kuzma, is reportedly seriously ill, sedated and on a ventilator, in a Virginia hospital, with COVID-19, after attending a QAnon rally in Texas. Several other attendees at the rally also became unwell but have claimed they were suffering from 'anthrax poisoning'. Anthrax is a bacterial infection, unlike COVID-19 which is viral, so is easily distinguished from it.

Kuzma is in many ways an example of what happens when you, consciously or unconsciously, buy into a cult and adopt cult-think in place of rational thought. He has a long history of recruiting into the Trumpanzee cult by uncritically repeating any QAnon-originating conspiracy theories and campaigning to persuade the gullible dupes who listen to his raving right Frog News spots, not to get vaccinated. As a right-wing evangelical Christian he has no hesitation in risking the health and welfare of others to serve his ego-tripping self-promotion.

As a loyal Trumpanzee, Kuzma dived into the rabbit hole of claiming the pandemic was a hoax when their idol panicked at the start of the pandemic and tried to justify his inaction, not on his inability to grasp the science, but by declaring variously, with absolutely no evidence to justify the claims, that it was a Democratic Party hoax, a very mild infection, the pandemic would all be over by April (2020!), and it would simply disappear in the Summer because of the heat. Trump was unaware, apparently, that there are other countries with other weather and that, when it is Summer in the northern hemisphere, it's Winter in the south, or even that the climate varies across the USA. And so the death-toll mounted…

Having gone down that rabbit hole, like many other prominent Trumpanzee covidiots and GOP politicians, Kuzma is unable to lose face and reverse out, so he constructed ever-more elaborate conspiracies to justify his idiotic position. Not only was the pandemic a hoax but the measures to mitigate it and the vaccines were part of the same world-wide conspiracy to force people to get vaccinated for all manner of lurid nefarious reasons.

Once in that particular fantasy world, it became a simple matter to imagine that all the world's governments and all medical scientists and their staff were in on a vast conspiracy in which even the leaders of countries normally hostile to one another were in on the conspiracy and not a single one dobbed the others in and admitted to being part of it, nor did a single civil servant or a single laboratory worker in the pharmaceutical industry or university departments conducting the research, come forward as a whistle-blower, or even told their families.

Instead, they urged their loved ones to get vaccinated even though, as part of the alleged conspiracy, they would have known it was all a waste of time, or the vaccinations were dangerous, or part of some vast plot to inject controlling microchips into them, or whatever is the latest wackadoodle conspiracy the QAnon movment has drempt up. A remarkeable degree of control, excercised in every country in the world across millions of people from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds who all remained loyal to the conspiracists - and still are.

And all because the worst president in American history panicked because his pathological narcissism wouldn't allow him to accept that the experts knew more than he did and he was going to have to accept responsibility for the consequences of his blunder in dismantling the contingencies for just such a pandemic, including stockpiles of PPE for health-care workers, that his predecessor had put in place in his obsessive zeal to undo everything the first black, and therefore in his privileged, white supremacist eyes, illegitimate, president had achieved.

The thought of hundreds of thousands of Americans about to die from a pandemic virus and not knowing what to do about it but not being prepared to listen to the experts was more than Trump could cope with, so he did nothing and tried to minimise the threat and bully the experts who foretold of the impending disaster. A classic case of metaphorically shooting the messenger.

And so the QAnon conspiracy theory machine, allied to the white supremacist movement and Christian fundamentalist churches, was rolled out to try to save Trump's presidency and ensure a second term, and right-wing lick-spittles like Kuzma dutifully promulgated their lies.

News of Kuzma's condition was released by right-wing, Trumpanzee lawyer with links to the QAnon movement, Lin Woods, who revealed in a Telegram message that Kuzma had contracted the virus when he attended a QAnon event - a 'ReAwaken America' rally - earlier in December 2021, in Dallas, Texas. Speakers at the rally included Trump's former National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn, who is only out of jail for lying to Congress, because Trump gave him a presidential pardon along with several other criminal cronies, before leaving office,. Flynn promulgated the unsubstantiated claim of vast voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Other speakers at the rally repeated misinformation about the coronavirus and the anti-Covid vaccines.

Daily confirmed COVID-19 cases, USA - 30 Dec 2021

Since the vaccines were rolled out in January 2021, several leading anti-vaxxer/QAnon conspiracy podcasters and radio show hosts have contracted the disease. According to this report, at least seven of them have died so far. Each time, QAnon dupes have blamed the deaths on something else, including the hospital treatment. Meanwhile the Omicron variant is now raging through the United States, mopping up the hundreds of thousands of covidiots who have fallen for the irresponsible propaganda emanating from the pro-Trump camp and failed to get the protection against it the vaccines undoubtedly provide.

It's a bizarre twist in the story that started out as one of Trump's glaring incompetence and criminal irresponsibility should be ending in the self-genocide of his supporters who, by supporting him in the first place, established their credentials as amongst the most gullible Americans - the same people who are easily parasitised by the leaders of evangelical mega churches and avaricious televangelists and self-styled 'Prophets of God' - and who are now showing that they are even too stupid to stop taking part in this bizarre cull of the lower few percentiles in the gullibility bell curve.

Trumpanzees and Talibangelical Christians have stupidly manoeuvred themselves into the position where they are now actively campaigning to ensure as many of their supporters (and Trump voters) as possible die before the 2024 elections. What curious webs we weave when first we practice to deceive.

Don't be a Covidiot
Don't die of ignorance
Get Vaccinated
Get Boosted Now

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