Thursday, 19 July 2012

How Creationists Lie To Us - The Paluxy Hoax

"When you show the world you know you need to lie for your faith you show the world you know your faith is a lie".

Paluxy River dinosaur tracks, Glen Rose, Texas
What they say:

In the last ten or fifteen years, however, many scientists and laymen alike are waking up to the fact that much solid scientific evidence exists that contradicts evolutionary notions. One of the most shattering pieces of evidence comes from the Paluxy River basin in central Texas, near the town of Glen Rose, where fossilized tracks of man and dinosaur appear together.

John D. Morris, Ph.D., President, Institute for Creation Research.

The truth:

My grandfather was a very good sculptor... During the 1930s and the Depression, Glen Rose residents made money by distilling moonshine and selling dinosaur fossils. Each fossil brought $15 to $30. When the supply ran low, George Adams just carved more, some with human footprints thrown in.... My dad [Weldon Eakin] and my grandfather decided one day — I don’t know if it was to make money, or what — to start carving man tracks alongside the dinosaur tracks. They poured acid to make the fossils look like aged limestone. They showed one "all over town" until they heard that a researcher from the Smithsonian Institution wanted to see the track. That worried my grandfather because he didn’t want anybody ever passing it off as real, so he and Daddy took it out and buried it.

Zana Douglas, Granddaughter of George Adams, discoverer of the Paluxy River dinosaur tracks, Glen Rose, Texas.
Interviewed by Bud Kennedy, Fortworth Star-Telegram

It's not nice to laugh at the people who are fooled by creation pseudo-scientists, but you may want to refer them to this when they accuse science of being fooled by hoaxes like Piltdown.

The Texas Dinosaur/"Man Track" Controversy, Glen J. Kuban
Man Tracks? A Topical Summary of the Paluxy "Man Track" Controversy, Glen J. Kuban

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  1. " but you may want to refer them to this when they accuse science of being fooled by hoaxes like Piltdown."

    Couple of days i had a conversation with a creationist and as soon as i started to speak of human evolution he stopped me. He said, "What like the Piltdown man that was shown to be false." According to him, since that was a hoax, therefore, everything we know afterwards must be false--he said the same thing about Haeckel. Since he fudged some of his drawings, therefore, we cannot trust modern embryology. Funny, i guess since the Pulaxi tracks have been shown to be false and even creationists admit it, i guess according to that persons logic, everything we know about creationism must be false. The double standard applied is ridiculous and like i have said before, creationists would not be creationists if it was not for the double standard they apply.

  2. Send them my way when they quote Piltdown. One of the team who proved it to be a fake was a friend of mine. He was an atheist evolutionist. Piltdown Man - A Triumph For Science

  3. It should be noted that John D. Morris, Ph.D. President, Institute for Creation Research, upon visiting the Paluxy site and reviewing the tracks and evidence at the site has since changed his position on these tracks. He no longer advocates the position that this site is evidence for the argument of man and dinosaurs together.

    1. Well, if you read the article you'll see he very reluctantly only conceded that the evidence isn't strong enough to justify basing Creationism on it.

      Curiously, when he believed the tracks were genuine he was foremost in waving them as 'proof' that humans and dinosaurs co-existed and that therefore biblical creationism in a period of six days a few thousand years ago was correct. However, now that this evidence has been shown to be forged, it suddenly becomes irrelevant to the question. Strange just how often this happens in creation 'science'.

      I imagine he feels a bit like a prosecution lawyer who has just built a case for the prosecution based around a 'smoking gun' only to have it proved that the smoking gun is actually a banana.

    2. Oooooh yeah, about that banana thing. Some creationists are a little embarrassed when you bring those up too :)


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