Sunday, 3 May 2020

Covidiots - Followers of Bishop Climate Irungu Wiseman

Coronavirus: London church selling ‘plague protection kits' for £90 consisting of oil and red yarn | The Independent

Perhaps Americans can feel a little less embarrassed by the antics of their religious fundamentalist when they learn that we in the UK are plagued with them too. This example is from Camberwell in London where 'Bishop' Climate Irungu Wiseman of the Kingdom Church is cashing in on the Covid-19 pandemic emergency by selling a quack 'cure' for £91 for a 'kit'.

The kit consists of a bottle of 'Divine Plague Protection Oil' and a length of red yarn. 'Bishop' Wideman, who runs Bishop Climate Ministries claims:

It is by faith that you can be saved from every pandemic by covering yourself with the Divine Cleansing Oil and wearing the Scarlet Yarn on your body. That is why I want to encourage you, if you haven’t done so already, to get your Divine Plague Protection Kit today! Available to order online and ship to you right away.... That is why the Lord has instructed me to prepare special oil that has been mixed with cedar wood, hyssop, and prayer. Yes this special oil has sat upon the altar for 7 days. It’s called Divine Cleansing protection Oil. As you use this oil, along with a special scarlet yarn, every plague and any other deadly thing will pass over you. Just like the children of Israel were spared from death, just like Rahab and her family were saved from destruction, the same will happen for you.

Although offering no evidence for the claim, he claimed the 'cure' had worked before and will work again.

He is also selling "sacrificial seed of divine protection" for £910, claiming this will give complete protection for all the family.

It is an offence under trading standard laws to make claims of the medical efficacy of a product without evidence of that claim in the form of properly conducted medical trials. It's noteworthy that Bishop Climate Ministries, although owning the site on which these claims are made, tries to distance it's Kingdom Church from them with the following disclaimer, blazoned across each page:

*** Disclaimer ***

This Just to let you know this articles and its opinion on this website is solely under Bishop Climate Ministries and Not the Kingdom Church.

Presumably, they believe this will protect their assets from any financial penalties that might ensue.

Councillor Victoria Mills of London Trading Standards, said:

This particular issue is already under investigation by our teams.

There are many scams relating to Covid-19 and the council will be working hard to support consumers to be on guard for bogus test kits, cures and treatments and other financial scams.

I wonder, do Christians ever stop and ask themselves what it is about their faith that makes them such easy targets for charlatans and scammers?

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