Friday, 1 May 2020

Covidiots - Magi Spell

Covidiots ignore social distancing and put their children at risk in support of Pastor Tony Spell's bid for martyrdom and in defence of Christian privilege.
Phone lines at Central police are 'tied up' by calls from Tony Spell supporters, officials say | Coronavirus |

As part of Pastor Tony Spell's campaign for martyrdom and the right to spread the Covid-19 virus as widely as possible in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, supporters have now blocked the local police departments phone system after his mother, Magi Spell, published their phone number on her Facebook page and asked people to ring it.

Supporters are also demonstrating outside the Louisiana governors house demanding a lifting of the house arrest order intended to prevent Spell from holding church services in defiance of the social distancing order forbidding gatherings of more than ten people.

This tactic is now preventing people ringing in with genuine emergency calls, so putting even more lives at risk. But what do a few lives matter to an over-privileged Christian, worried about his falling income?

The disruption prompted Police Chief, Roger Corcoran, to issue an apology on Facebook. The resulting comments are interesting, including a threat by the fanatical creationist, conspiracist, persecution addict and raving loon, Joshua Feuerstein:

You are a liar trying to spin yourself out of a bad PR mess. As a founder of Blue Lives Matter, I’m embarrassed by the actions of your department. I’m coming back to Baton Rouge ... and I’m bringing even more people with me!

'Blue' lives matter to loony Feuerstein, but not so much as the right of a Christian fundamentalist preacher to infect them with Covid-19 and present himself as a heroic Christian martyr, to attract even more money into his bank account, it seems.

Perhaps Magi Spell should join with televangelist billionaire and Christian loon, Kenneth Copeland, and cast a Magic Spell (sorry!) to make the virus go away.

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