Thursday, 7 May 2020

Covidiots - American Fundies Dying To Be Martyrs.

Sierra County Sheriff Glenn Hamilton
New Mexico Sheriff “Deputizes” 20 Christians, Exempting Them from Lockdown Order | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Two more stories of wackadoodle Christians demanding the right to catch Covid-19 in church today.

The first is from New Mexico where Sierra County Sheriff Glenn Hamilton has sworn in 20 Christians as "deputies", so exempting them from the state-wide ban on gatherings. He was exploiting an exemption from the ban on gatherings for law-enforcement officers.

This is an example of how the Talibangelicals ignore the Establishment Clause to promote and support Christianity so that they can continue with their assumed privilege exemption from the law, and help the Covid-19 virus kill as many people as possible, putting their own needs above those of the families and community.

The fact that before he swore them in as deputies, they were in clear and flagrant breach of the law Sheriff Glenn Hamilton had sworn to uphold, seemed to have escaped his attention.

Governor Eric Holcombe of Indiana
The second tale of idiocy comes from Indiana where Governor Eric Holcomb has relented with regard to religious get-togethers. Despite the Covid-19 death toll in the state exceeding 1000 recently, as of tomorrow, there will be no longer be caps on those.

Trying to justify his creaven capering to the ultra-Talibangelicals he explained that they can act like controls in a state-wide experiment so scientists can observe differences in the outcome for his guinea-pig Christians and normal people who observe the social distancing guidelines.

It takes special sorts of stupid for a state governor to willingly volunteer his people for medical experiments and for those guinea-pigs to willingly participate in an experiment which could well result in the deaths of them, their families and those unfortunate victims of the governor that they come into contact with.

Now, if only they could be persuaded to participate in the trials of candidate vaccines currently being undertaken. One of the problems these controlled trials are having is that enough people in the trial and control groups need to be exposed to Covid-19 to see whether the vaccine is effective, and the trials are being conducted in countries like UK where people are generally very sensible so infection rates are falling.

I wonder how many American Talibangelicals would volunteer to participate in these vaccine trials, so having a chance of being protected from infection. All it would need would be a few thousand of Governor Eric Holcomb's guinea pigs, then Christianity could lay some claim to having been instrumental in finding a cure instead of being instrumental in spreading the virus as widely and quickly as possible.

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  1. "if only they could be persuaded to participate in the trials of candidate vaccines" sadly they are going anti-vax already:


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