Friday, 8 May 2020

Covidiots - Alveda King - It's All About New York

Dr Alveda King
Alveda King: New York Has COVID Problems Because It’s “The Home of Abortion” | Beth Stoneburner | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

To be a dedicated American Covidiot it's essential to forget one thing - that unimportant place called "The Rest of the World".

Dr Alveda King, niece of the late Martin Luther King, has decided that the Covid-19 pandemic is all because abortions are legal in New York. Her god has decided to kill millions of people worldwide in places like China, India, Europe, Africa and South America to teach New Yorker a lesson - not Chinese, Indians, Brits, Italians or Spanish, but New Yorkers!

Don't worry about the Bible-belt towns where the pandemic is raging just as much as in New York. There, God is punishing them for not praying hard enough, not giving enough money to rich talibangelical preachers, talk of gun control, or whatever local hobby-horse the extreme Christian right is riding at the moment.

Like everything else for these parochial idiots, it's only happening in America and particularly in their own state, county or town. And of course it's all part of some divine plan of some sort - invariably because of the latest talibangelical political hobby-horse - abortion, same-sex marriage, 'taking God out of the schools', electing a Democrat, etc, etc.

God is invariably punishing their 'enemies' or rewarding their 'friends'. This is classic cult mentality - the out-group are evil and part of a massive conspiracy, not like us righteous in-group believers to whom God has revealed the truth, to us and us alone - and does it through our cult's leaders, obviously!

Dr King is, naturally, a devoted Trumpanzee and gave her judgment in a promotion for a promotional pro-Trump election rally, saying:

New York is having a lot of problems, but that’s the home of abortion. We have to remember that. So now, in the name of Jesus, by the power of Holy Spirit, we bind and break and cancel that spirit of abortion, that spirit of murder, the spirit of shedding of innocent blood, that includes all the other things — the sexual abuse and the manipulations of young children who are allowed to be born, the infanticide, the abortion, the genocide. We bind and curse and cancel those contracts.

So that's that problem solved, then. The spells have been cast and God will obey! And those children who were born and have grown old? They are now of no consequence. They can be left to die from a lethal virus whose spread has been aided by Christian Covidiots selling quack magic cures, whose concern for 'life' ends at birth, when it's no longer about control over women's bodies and the right of people to plan the size of their families. Dr King's god is randomly killing the righteous and profane indiscriminately, to teach New Yorker's to be more right wing.

She also went on to blamed Margaret Sanger, a planned parenthood activist who was from New York and who died in 1966. God obviously bided his time before punishing New Yorker for living in the town where such an evil woman was born - maybe they should have aborted her!

For a supposed civil rights activist, trading on her uncle's name, Dr King seems to have scant regard for the civil rights of women or for the victims of Covid-19 who die through ignorance and because Christian Covidiots actively promote its spread in the community by selling their dupes the notion that magic spells and supporting extremist political causes will make a virus go away.

If you want to know what causes people to catch Covid-19, ask a virologist, not a right-wing theologian who imagines a virus can tell how you voted, what you think or who was born in your hometown, and if you want to know how to prevent it spreading, ask an epidemiologist, not a theologian who seems not to have noticed that unimportant place called, "The Rest of the World", and who casts magic spells to make it go away.

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