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Sunday 17 May 2020

Covidiots - India's Fools' Gold

'Saint' Sobhan Sarker, aka 1008 Viraktanand Saraswati, aka Suryabhan Tiwari
Looked 'beneath the Earth' and saw a thousand tons of magic gold!
Police Book 4,100 Who Crowded Godman’s Funeral in India Despite COVID Rules | Terry Firma | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Covidiocy appears to be a characteristic of most religions, including Hinduism, if these Hindu Covidiots are anything to go by.

Despite the nationwide lockdown as India battles against Covid-19, thousands of people forced their way past police lines to attend the funeral in Kanpur last Wednesday, of self-styled Godman, Sobhan Saker, aka 1008 Viraktanand Saraswati, aka Suryabhan Tiwari. 4,100 have been charged with lockdown violations. Sakar was regarded by his followers as a sadhu or saint. He claimed he could see "beyond the sky and beneath the Earth".

He sprang to fame in 2013 when he claimed to have had a revelation in a dream that there were a thousand tons of gold buried on the estate of Ram Baksh Singh, a 19th-century leader and folk hero.

The origin of the gold was the magical transformation of the blood of gurus who had been bitten by mosquitoes which had fallen to Earth and had multiplied into a thousand tons.

He revealed that Ram Baksh Singh had come to him on a white horse and begged him to help liberate him from the burden of guarding this vast hoard of gold by digging it up and giving it to the Government of India.

Eventually, the government relented and workmen were sent to the estate to find this hoard. After several months of digging they had found a few bricks and some pottery shards, but not a single grain of gold.

It seems that, like America, and elsewhere, India also has its share of fruitloop holymen and their credulous followers, who regard themselves as immune to Covid-19 and entitled to disregard the law and public safety when it suits them.

At the time of writing, India has 90,927 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and has recorded 2,872 deaths.

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