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Trumpanzee News - More Bull From Robin Bullock

Robin Bullock - False Prophet
Youth Force Ministries Church International
Robin Bullock Claims President Hillary Clinton Would Have Ushered in the Great Tribulation | Right Wing Watch

2020 did not go well for American televangelical 'Prophets of God' when all of their prophecies of a landslide win for Trump failed to come true, and 2021 has so far been even worse with so many of them having prophesied an imminent military coup or some other means of deposing Biden and reinstalling Trump in the White House.

So, fresh from his stunning failures at prophesying the future, loopy right-wing Trumpanzee Talibangelist and self-appointed 'Prophet of God', Robin Bullock, has now taken to prophesying the past. At least he seems to have learned the lesson that a successful prophet never makes himself a hostage to future events by prophesying something specific - that can fail to happen. Keep it general; keep it vague and always use words that can be reinterpreted later if need be.

Last Monday, he appeared on the loony right-wing Elijah Streams You Tube channel to tell his credulous followers that Barak Obama had planned the Covid-19 pandemic and for Hilary Clinton to become President in order to destroy America and usher in the 'End Times', because, as everyone knows, destroying America is what these supposed 'End Times' in the 'Book of Revelations' is all about.

Not only was the future existence of the USA known to the writers of the New Testament in 2nd century Rome, but the racial profile, social stratification and exact form of the democratic system that no-one had ever heard of at the time, was known, so they were accurately describing its destruction in 2020, give or take a year or two.

For the parochially ignorant American extreme right, 'America' and 'the World' are synonyms. Everything of any importance happens in the USA and onlythings that happens in the USA are of any importance. If their mythical god, Jesus, ever manifests himself, it will be in America, without a shadow of doubt, because he is American - and he speaks English.

Playing to their paranoias and hatred of the liberal left, Bullock told his credulous audience:
Remember when Barack Obama left the presidency? He said, ‘Maybe we were 15 to 20 years too early.’ Why would he say that? He’s talking about the demoralization period… He said, ‘Maybe we were 15 or 20 years too early,’ because he was a Saul Alinsky follower. He’s following the four stages of subversion.

He thought it was gonna happen, and he thought Hillary Clinton should have stepped in, and it was demoralized, destabilize, pushed to a crisis. The crisis was COVID. That’s what it was. It was to push the nation to a crisis — COVID — and so they planned on Hillary Clinton being president right at that moment. That’s why they went berserk when Trump won. They couldn’t get over that. They said, ‘We got to get him out, got to get him out, got to get him out, got to get him out,’ because they knew the virus was coming in 2020, and she should have been the president. And if it had been, the book of Revelation — we don’t have time to look at that — said she would have taken us into the Great Tribulation. And that’s what was planned.
The Saul Alinsky referred to is high on the conservative right's demonology because he advocated social justice and democratic community action to achieve it. Elements of his 'community action' teaching were initially adopted by the right wing Republican faction, the Tea Party, until they realised that both Obama and Hillery Clinton had studied his work too, so he instantly became the focus of misrepresentation and bogeyman scaremongering by the extreme right.

In fact, both Clinton and Obama had been critical of aspects of his direct community action, but that was lost on the right wing propagandists looking to smear them with accusations of un-American activities and ambitions. How dare anyone advocate social justice for the poor and dispossessed and even racial minorities? They'll be wanting real democracy, equal rights and a say in shaping their own destiny next! Then where would we be!? The 'End Times' indeed for the extreme right.

But Bullock seems even more confused than usual here. Aren't these 'End Times' what every evangelical fruitloop Christian is working for? Isn't that the time when the greatest thing they can hope for will happen - their imaginary friend comes and kills everyone who disagrees with them and they get everything for themselves and the reward of a grandstand view to watch people, even their friends and relatives, being tortured for eternity in the final satiation of their hatred for anyone who isn't in their cult?

This case highlights the difference between mental health-care in the UK and the rest of the civilised world, and the USA. In the civilised world people who hear voices and suffer from psychotic delusions and paranoia get admitted to a place of safety and given medication; in the USA they are put on television and people hang on their every word and give them money.

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