Saturday, 22 May 2021

My Books Now Available in Hard Cover


United Kingdom

Also available in Germany, France, Spain and Italy (so far)
Amazon Kindle Direct are now publishing laminated, hard-cover versions of books, so several of my tiles will soon be available in that format in addition to the paperback and ebook for Kindle formats. The titles so far available are shown in the panel.

This is a new (beta) service from Amazon so there may be a few problems still to be resolved. Although having greater durability than paperback books, hard cover books are more expensive to produce, so this is reflected in the price, nevertheless, in my opinion, they still represent very good value for money.

A history of Ireland: How Religion Poisoned Everything covers the period from the first appearance of humans on the island of Ireland to the present day and shows how religion shaped the culture of the people and eventually divided them into two mutually hostile and at times warring factions, one based in the strongly independent, predominantly Catholic Republic and the other in the staunchly Protestant, 'Loyalist' Ulster, culminating in a period of 'Trouble' in Northern Ireland which cost an estimated 3000 lives, and the subsequent peace deal, the 'Good Friday Agreement'.

What Makes You So Special: From the Big Bang to YOU. How did you come to be here, now? This book takes the reader from the Big Bang to the evolution of modern humans and the history of human cultures, showing that science is an adventure of discovery and a source of limitless wonder, giving us richer and more rewarding appreciation of the phenomenal privilege of merely being alive and able to begin to understand it all. It is written for a lay readership with little formal education in the sciences and is intended as an introduction and a spur to further learning.

Other titles currently in preparation for hard-cover format are:

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