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Talibangelical Trumpanzee False Prophets - Now Reduced to Threats

Robin Bullock (left) - God will make you insane
Hank Kunneman (right) - God will give you leprosy.
Right Wing Bonus Tracks: You Might Get Leprosy | Right Wing Watch

At least two of the Trumpanzee Talibangelical false prophets who prophesied a Trump win in 2020, claiming God told them, are now trying threats to stop people laughing at them and pointing out that either God lied to them or they lied about what God said - or God never said anything and they made the whole pack of lies up to try to ingratiate themselves with Trump-supporting evangelical Christians.

First off, we have Robin Bullock, who readers may remember told his dupes er... loony followers that the coronavirus pandemic was caused by people voting for Hilary Clinton, apparently unaware that most of the world could not possibly have done so, yet still suffered from the pandemic. Later on, he returned to his obsessive fixation with homosexuality and announced that all gay people were actually straight evangelical Christians whom Satan had taken control of to prevent them spreading the good news of Jesus and salvation:
This is what I’ve heard from the Lord. Homosexuality is a cover up for an evangelist. People that are in that lifestyle are really called [to be] evangelists by the Lord, and this is a spirit that attacks that to stop it. So, instead of just praying a lot of things right here, what I’m led to do is to call forth the gift of evangelism that God has placed on their lives, to come forth and it will drive that other out. So right now, I call for the gift of evangelism, that call from God that those that are bound up in homosexuality, that the evangelist anointing will come upon their lives because that’s what they are, and we say to the evangelist inside the homosexual, ‘Come forth, come out of that tomb, and come forth in Jesus’ name.

He did this right after 'curing' everyone suffering from diabetes and cancer by commanding they leave those afflicted.

Bullock has now told his credulous dupes that anyone mocking him will be punished by God by being made insane. Talking of insanity, for some reason, he seems paranoid about having his 'robes' touched and torn.
There’s prophets of great magnitude speaking everywhere right now, but yet they attack them. The groups that represent abominations before the Lord, the LGBTQ—whatever they call themselves, plus whatever they add—attacking prophets. You’re ripping the mantles of prophets, and you’ve determined your time of falling.

However you treat the mouth of God, it determines your future. It’s a dangerous thing to tear the garment of a prophet. That’s a dangerous thing to mock the mouthpiece of God. It’s very dangerous to do such a thing as that. Very dangerous. Once that happens, it leads to one thing: It leads to insanity.

You better watch taking hold of a prophet’s robe. You better wish to God that your fingers had grabbed something else. You should have put your fingers over your own mouth before you ripped the prophet’s robe because once you rip the prophet’s robe, a pronouncement comes from Heaven and says, ‘Today all your domain is rent from your hands.’ You remember this, and you call to the Lord and ask him to show honor on you again by you worshiping him because it’s not me—it’s the anointing he placed on me. It’s not these other prophets—it’s the anointing he placed on the other prophets. It’s not just us; it’s because we live by every word that comes out of his mouth and we become a mouthpiece. You better watch it. You better watch it. If you’re plotting a prophet’s downfall, you have dug a pit that you will fall in. If you’re plotting a prophet’s downfall, you’ve rolled a stone that will roll back over you again. If you’re plotting that, you remember something: You’re in the fringes of insanity, and everything you know will be rent from your hands. Wake up, and hear it!
That should put a stop to people pointing out that his prophesies of a Trump win were the false prophesies of a notorious fraud and false prophet who earns his living by fleecing fools.

Imagine someone ranting that of a street corner! How long would it be before the mental health agencies became involved and started preparing a place of safety?

Next, we have our old friend, Pastor Hank Kunneman, of One Voice Ministries, Nebraska, about whom one wonders how much further he is going to spiral downward toward complete detachment from reality. Readers may recall how he first of all claimed his false prophesy of a Trump win was not a false prophesy at all because Trump did win really because lots of 'prophets' had prophesied that he would and people should trust the 'prophets' not the polls. He then warned his credulous followers that God hates people who point it out when his 'prophets' make false prophesies.

When that didn't stop people pointing out that that's exactly what Pastor Hank had done, he discovered a Bible passage that he could misquote, claiming it said God had decreed that only other prophets were allowed to criticise him. It said no such thing of course, but what's a little Bible quote-mining and false witnessing for a false prophet, with loyal fools to dupe?

Now though, he's getting desperate and resorting to dire threats again. Now he claims his god will give you leprosy if you don't stop talking about his false prophesies! Like Robin Bullock, he seems a tad obsessive about being touched too:
There's a lot of people touching God's true and choice servants right now. They better be careful because God will not acknowledge certain thing that He called them to or put withing their office. It's a dangerous place... and some of you might get leprosy
Like school bullies who tried to steal their classmates' dinner money only to find the class laughing and pointing, they've resorted to threatening to get their dad to come and sort them out! You really would think that these dregs of humanity could at least find enough self-respect and dignity to not have to resort to threatening people with their gods, but times are desperate and their livelihood depends on getting away with it.

I don't understand their reluctance to admit the obvious. It's a long-established tradition in the evangelical grifter profession that when caught in some compromising act like adultery, theft, acts of gross indecency with someone of the same sex or a prostitute, etc, or, in this case, blatantly lying to their cults, all they need do is admit they were wrong and claim Satan made them do it in a moment of weakness. They could then tell their respective cults that they have said sorry to Jesus, Jesus has driven Satan out and had a word with God, so now all is forgiven and forgotten; their sin counter has been zeroed, and God has asked them to carry on being his mouthpiece, so they can be trusted without question again.

It worked for the Baakers, so why not this pair of frauds? They could even claim God had put in a personal appearance in their bedrooms to bring them the good news, like the wackadoodle nut-job, Kat Kerr does. They would probably be believed. After all, their followers still believe Trump won in 2020!

Incidentally, if Pastor Hank had gotten his medical information from science instead of from the Bible, he would have known that leprosy is now fairly easy to cure (even without magic spells), so his threat was a hollow one anyway. As for Bullock's threat that his god will make his critics insane, it looks for all the world like God is setting Bullock up as an example.

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