Saturday, 29 May 2021

Covidiot News - How a Christian Nut-Job Pastor Caused the Death of One of His Congregation

Pastor Greg Locke, Global Vision Bible Church, Tennessee. Coronavirus denier.
Blamed for death from Covid-19 of member of his congregation
Family Speaks Out Against Hate-Preacher Whose COVID Lies Led to Uncle’s Death | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

A stark reminder, if any were needed, of the harm that religious fruitloops with their penchant for conspiracy theories and paranoia can cause when they put their mind to it, was witnessed by viewers of CNN's item about Christian hate preacher, Greg Locke the other day.

Locke, of Global Vison Bible Church in Tennessee, has been downplaying the coronavirus pandemic, and telling his credulous dupes not to get the vaccine and to ignore the anti-covid measure, can claim credit for at least one death amongst his unfortunate congregation.

His victim was Coburn Kennedy who actually believed Locke knew better than the experts because he could quote from the Bible! His nephew told CNN's Elle Reeve, that his uncle was a member of Locke's congregation and had believed Locke's confident proclamation that the coronavirus pandemic was nothing to worry about. He even believed him when he got the symptoms of Covid-19.

He died of the disease last month.

Greg, a fully signed-up QAnon conspracy theorist, has a long history of coronavirus denial and opposition to the vaccines. For reasons which can only be guessed at but which are probably not hard to work out, Pastor Greg Locke declined to appear on the CNN broadcast. Having just caused the death of one of your credulous dupes must be hard even for a Christian fundamentalist grifter with an inability to accept that you could ever be wrong and an eye, as always, on the bottom line of the profit and loss account. Consequently, he was unable to refute the CNN clips that showed him to be a liar when he misrepresented an interview with Elle Reeve in which he claims there was no coronavirus pandemic. His refusal to man up and defend his claims simply showed him to be the Chris+tian liar and coward for which he is becoming renowned.

Regular reader may remember how Greg Locke claimed to be able to discern the secret, Satanic hand-signals by Republican Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas that were used to control Mitch McConnell, when he came out against the failed Trumpanzee coupt d’état on Jan 6th 2021. Needless to say, as a Talibangelical Christian, Pator Locke is also an ardent Trumpanzee who refuses to believe his beloved cult leader lost the 2020 election.

He stands as a grim reminder of the dangers of assuming people who set themselves up as the mouthpieces of God are somehow more expert than the experts and privy to secret sources of inerrant information. Locke is no such thing of course; he is just another fundamentalist Christian grifter trying his best to fleece his seemingly limitless supply of gullible American dupes for as much as he can wring out of them, with no regard for their helth and welfare or those of the wider community his ill-informed proclamations are endangering.

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