Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Christian Fruitloop News - Paranoid Nut Job for Paranoid Trump

Fanatical Trumpanzee preacher of hate, Pastor Greg Locke,
Global Vision Bible Church, Tennessee
Greg Locke Alleges Mitch McConnell Was Controlled by Illuminati Hand Signals During Election Certification | Right Wing Watch

It's often difficult to tell whether American evangelical Christian fundamentalists like Greg Locke are genuinely as nutty as they seem or whether they are simply tapping into the income stream from people who really are nutty enough to follow them and give them tax-exempt money.

The more charitable view would be that surely, they can't really be so deranged and psychotically paranoid as they seem at first sight to be and still be able to live without constant responsible adult supervision. So that leaves cynicism, greed and fraud as the reasons for their bizarre behaviour and assertions. But, whatever the cause, the basic principles of Christianity seem to have been abandoned somewhere along the line. There is no commitment to truth or personal integrity and greed, avarice and relentless self-aggrandizement seem to have taken control.

Unless they really are bordering on the certifiably insane, that is.

Reader may remember how, just a few days ago, I included Greg Locke along with the bonkers, "Prophetess of God", Kat Kerr, in an article about Fruitloop Christian fundamentalists supporting President-reject Donald Trump, and his attempted coup on 6th January. Now we have him using his Sunday Service address - in what I assume was another of his church's Covid-19 super-spreader events, given that he has declared the pandemic to be a hoax - to perpetuate a QAnon-inspired piece of pro-Trump invented lunacy about Satanic control of politicians and a 'deep state' paedophile ring, complete with cannibalistic child sacrifice, run by the 'Illuminati' (often a dog-whistle word for Jews).

Apparently. Locke believes serial adulterer, alleged rapist, small-time crook and incompetent narcissist with an acute personality disorder, Donald J. Trump, was sent by God to save America from these evil folk! Seriously!

The background to this is former Trump loyalist Mitch McConnell, Republican minority leader in the US House, coming out against Trump's failed coup - which, as if there was ever any doubt, Locke enthusiastically supported.

During his speech a congressman, Republican Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas, sitting behind him moved his hands and fiddled with his fingers. Locke has interpreted this as secret hand-signals ('secret' to the extent that Locke recognises them!) and proof of 'Illuminati' control of Mitch McConnell.

What Locke 'forgets' to tell the credulous dupes in his audience is that Republican Senator Marshall was one of the Republicans who voted against certification of the Electoral college vote that McConnell was belatedly speaking in favour of.

Having been a Trump loyalist until the insurrection, McConnell had of course, quickly changed his mind about the validity of the result on November 3rd when he realised how politically damaging the failed coup had been to the Republicans.

But, of course, having publicly failed to do Trump's bidding and refuse to certify the result, McConnell is now fair game for false witnesses for Trump, like evangelical Christian Greg Locke, with no interest in truth, no personal integrity and an extreme political agenda to pursue.

Locke rose to notoriety when he threatened a Dunkin Donuts employees, in true Christian style, that he would kick his teeth down his throat for asking him to wear a face mask as a mandated measure to control the spread of the coronavirus. The YouTube video of the confrontation has been taken down by YouTube as a violation of its TOS.

From being one of the world's great religions, this is the extent to which Christianity has degenerated in the USA. It is now nothing more than a tax-exempt propaganda and disinformation platform for extreme, neo-fascist hate groups and would-be insurrectionist totalitarians.

Meanwhile, aided and comforted by them, an increasingly deranged and psychotic psychopath, Donald J Trump, clings on to political powers and has control of weapons of mass destruction that, if they were in the hands of a similarly paranoid psychopath running a fundamentalist Islamic state would be seen as a legitimate grounds for forcible regime change, as a clear and present danger to world peace and stability.

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