Thursday 14 January 2021

Evangelical Christian Loons Hearing Voices Again - Calling for Trump and Violence

A thin police line confronts pro-Trump insurrectionists outside the Capitol rotunda.
Wednesday 6th January, 2021.

Texas Pastor Tells Followers to Stock Supplies, Keep Guns Loaded Before Biden Inauguration

Brandon Burden, pastor at KingdomLife in Frisco, Texas, a member of the Frisco Conservative Coalition and a realtor, spoke in 'tongues' (i.e babbled incoherently) in front of his followers on Sunday then told them it was a 'executive order from the CEO in Heaven', telling them to stockpile supplies and keep a loaded gun ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration next Wednesday.

In a clear incitement to attack and occupy Washington, he told them:
Take down the walls of Jericho. The Lord says your Jericho is Washington, D.C. That's your fortified city.
Burden is a fully signed-up conspiracy theorist and follower of the pro-Trump QAnon disinformation and fake news service. He also, like the deranged Kat Kerr and Greg Locke, hears voices, allegedly, although his voices seems to be his own as he babbles incoherently, claiming to be 'speaking in tongues'.

Referring to Republican politicians such as Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, as "...a bunch of snakes that don't want Trump", he told his followers that:
They want him out because Trump is a reformer, Trump is an awakener, and Trump is causing this populist, national movement that is not Republican nor Democrat.
It is, of course, a common trick of evangelical pastors to pretend to 'talk in tongues' or to get impressionable dupes, often teenage girls, to do so, then claim to be able to 'interpret' the meaningless gibberish as 'important messages from God'.

But whether Burden genuinely hallucinates and hears voices in his head, or is simply pulling this well-known fast one on his audience, the 'important message from God' is invariably what he wants it to be - in this case, prepare for the coming bloody insurrection because his idol, Donald J. Trump, lost the presidential election and Burden feels too privileged as a white male to allow that to happen without his permission.

The fact that 81,000,000 Americans voted to remove Trump from office is of no consequence. The important point of principle at stake here is that they have no right to tell a white evangelical Christian who should be POTUS in the country he creatred especially for them!

As an extreme right-wing evangelical Christian, Burden's god is of course a god of white male privilege who sanctions racism and misogyny and thinks this should be defended with violence. As a pro-life advocate for men controlling women's reproductive rights, he regards the lives of adults as of little consequence. As with the measures to reduce the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, what do a few hundred thousand lives matter when saving them would inconvenience people like Brandon Burden and his followers or threaten their positions of tax-exempt power and privilege?

The prophetic voices however seem not to understand how the US constitution limits the number of terms a person can be president for to two. Burdens voices have told him Trump will be POTUS for another eight years. Maybe he is prophesying that, having taken power in the forthcoming bloody insurrection, Trump will set about removing the constraints on his powers and will install himself president for life, accountable to no-one but himself, so guaranteeing that his immunity from prosecution is never lost.

This will also set a very nice precedent for whichever Christian fundamentalist takes over from Trump as the leader of the world's newest fundamentalist theocracy, as it would do away with those messy election things which carry the very real and unacceptable risk of losing, as Trump found out.

Isn't it strange how these prophets of God always hear their god prophesying exactly what they would want it to prophesy? It's their god; they created it. It'll jolly well do what it's told! How else are these ignorant and superstitious people to be controlled?

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