Monday 11 January 2021

Christian Fruitloop News - Locke and Kerr Hear Voices Again

A little bit of good news for President-reject Donald Trump and his embittered Trumpanzees. A couple of fruitloop evangelical Christian's have been talking to God and he has reassured them that, despite all the evidence to the contrary, Trump is still going to win and will continue in office as the worst president in US history.

Pastor Greg Locke, Global Vision Bible Church.
First off we have Greg Locke, Lead Pastor of Global Vision Bible Church.

Hate-Pastor Who Still Thinks Trump Will Win: God Will Dethrone Democrats in 2021 | Beth Stoneburner | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Locke describes himself on his Twitter page as:
Outspoken Pastor that [sic] is unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus and refuses to bow to the politically correct idols of our culture.
Which basically means he's a fully-signed up Trumpanzee and follower of the pro-Trump disinformation source, QAnon. He inhabits a strange world in which evil spirits are trying to take over America and the deranged, dysfunctional and incompetent serial failure, Donald J. Trump, has been sent by God because he needs his help in fighting these evils spirits!

It's worth taking a quick look at his website/marketing outlet/begging bowl to see how far to the right and how far into paranoid psychosis he has been driven by his religious fanaticism and his desire for the tax-exempt wealth to be got from the market-place for wackadoodle conspiracy theories dressed up as piety.

From his Twitter feed, it's clear that Locke believes there is no coronavirus pandemic and that it's all part of a plot to close churches as part of this Satanic conspiracy. Presumably then, his church will be a major Covid-19 hotspot, holding regular super-spreader events. One wonders if the Covidiot will undergo a miraculous conversion to reality if and when he finds the virus is all too real as he fights for breath.

Locke has been talking to God, allegedly and brings this message of hope (and a reason to give him more money) from God, for his fellow Trumpanzees.

God Almighty is about to dethrone Nancy Pelosi.

It’s about to happen. He’s about to dethrone that baby-butchering mongrel, about to dethrone that woman.

I’m telling you right now, if New York doesn’t repent, if New York doesn’t turn around, if New York doesn’t get right with God, if New York don’t recall that crazy, wicked, vile mayor and governor they got, you better know something: God’s gonna reach up, he’s gonna destroy that place. It’s gonna be desolate. It’s gonna be laid waste.

God’s about to upset the whole apple cart. I’m telling you it’s gonna happen. I can see it. Like a chessboard, I can see it.

Old Nero Newsom out in California, a Hitler wannabe... I’m telling you right now: Old Nero Newsom ain’t staying in power. You hear me? I declare unto you right now: He ain’t staying in power. Old [Andrew] Cuomo, that joker ain’t staying in power. God’s gonna bring the whole thing down. It’s all gonna come toppling down. We [are] about to see some exposure of these bunch of pedophile sex-trafficking rings [that have] been popping up in Hollywood, been popping up in the White House, been popping up overseas. God’s about to expose all of it, I tell you right now. He’s gonna expose every bit of that mess. Every bit of it. I don’t care what WikiLeaks says. I don’t care who they pardon and who they don’t. I’m telling you the Clintons got it coming. God’s gonna expose all of it.
This, presumably is the same God who told all those American evangelical 'prophets' how he would ensure Trump won in November.

Locke was invited by Trump to address his 'Stop the Steal' rally in Washington DC that ended with a violent mob attacking the Capitol, the death of a police officer and four Trumpanzees, ensured a resumed sitting confirmed Joe Biden as the next POTUS, plans for a second impeachment now underway - the first time a US president has been impeached twice - and Trump and many of his supporters being kicked off social media platforms for advocating the violent overthrow of the US government.

Kat Kerr, "Christian Prophetess"
Next up we have another prophesy from that self-styled 'Prophetess of God', Kat Kerr, poster girl for the campaign to improve America's mental health services.

Christian “Prophetess”: If Biden is Inaugurated, God Told Me He’d “Kick Him Out” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Regular reader might remember that Kerr told her followers how God had promised he would ensure Trump won in November by a landslide, only to have to explain later that the 'landslide' was the massive number of fake ballot papers that were going to be discovered any day now, real soon, so her infallible prophesy from God wasn't wrong, if you change the meaning of just a few words...

Apparently, God is very angry with the way things have turned out and came bursting into Kat's bedroom the night of the failed coup, screaming and shouting about it. I hope it didn't wake the neighbours who might have felt tempted to call the police, but living next to a real live prophetess of God, they're probably used to strange noises and screaming during the night!

Starting off with gibberish, he told her:
Can you not stand and not turn to the left and give himself as a partner to the evil that wants to take this land? Well, I say no, it will not happen. It will end and it will be done because I say it will be done!

Watch My hand move! Now that man is done with their process, I will put My show on, and no one will ever forget when that happens. There will be great celebrations in the streets of this country and around the world. That great victory has come on behalf of the body of Christ, on behalf of My America, that I’m not giving up to any enemy.

So be ready to see what will happen, regardless of what they show. The lying frying (?) news and the liars and the stealers and the takers will pay greatly for what they have tried to do. So they will fail and fail greatly in every way, because that landslide will pull every one of them down, and justice will be served, says your God.

So stand in the light, or run to the darkness. But nothing will stop Me from My plan of putting My son Donald Trump back in that White House. Even if they inaugurate the villain and try to put him there, I will kick him out. I will remove him and I remove every obstacle that’s in the way. Maybe they’ll show that in the news, says your God.
So there we are, God has obviously signed up to the same QAnon, pro-Trump disinformation source that Kerr and Locke turn to for their information, and, not surprisingly, he comes out with exactly the same paranoid gibberish they would want him to come out with if he were real.

Anyway, this sort of thing seems to go down well with the average Trumpanzee and presumably with Trump himself as he spirals down into the deranged psychotic, persecution mania that is making him so dangerously unfit for office, even for the few remaining days he has left.

It's not clear whether this news will drive him further into insanity or encourage him to do even worse things to America before he is finally stripped of his powers and immunity from prosecution that he should never have had in the first place.

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