Sunday 24 January 2021

Trumpanzee News - Another One Who Can't Cope With Reality

Hank Kunneman of One Voice Ministries
Trump is still gonna win! Any day now! Real soon!
'Prophet' Hank Kunneman Refuses to Repent for Repeatedly Prophesying Trump's Reelection | Right Wing Watch

Hank Kunneman, an extremist evangelical fundamentalist Christian preacher and self-appointed 'prophet' of One Voice Ministries, Nebraska, repeatedly bore false witness to his followers, assuring them that Donald J. Trump would win the 2020 presidential election - because God says so, and of course, Kunneman hears voices!

Now he has to try to cope with the reality that not only did Trump lose, not only have the votes been counted, recounted and certified, not only has the result been turned into a 'landslide' EC win for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris but that they have been duly and legally sworn in as POTUS and VPOTUS respectively, and have already stared on a program of repairing much Of the damage Trump did and reversing his more harmful directives like the withdrawl from the Paris agreement on climate change and withdrawing funding from the WHO because it kept telling him things he didn't want to hear.

He does this in the time-honoured fundamentalist Christian way, of course. He simply ignores reality and keeps insisting he was right all along. It's really gonna happen! Any day now! Just like the Second Coming of Jesus and the Last Judgement!

God is indeed going to make sure Trump returns, like a Messiah rising from the dead to save the nation from the Satanic, paedophile, cannnibalistic 'Deep State' globalist elite, just like QAnon er... God said!

The day before Biden's inauguration, he told viewers of The Victory Channel’s “Flashpoint” program that he would not repent for his false prophesies because they weren't false - they just haven't been right yet:
God has remembered his covenant with America, and he’s going to remember his covenant with America, and there is going to come an intervention of God regarding the fraudulent election. So no, I’m not conceding.

God has not spoken to me to repent, to concede and I’m asking that people afford me and others—other prophets, other believers, other pastors, intercessors—that are standing right now to hear God’s voice regarding it. And some of the demands for repentance that have happened, I think we’re gonna find have been a little bit premature because we’re basing everything on an inauguration date. Now, Inauguration Day may in fact be important, and it’s been consistent throughout history, but this has been unlike anything that we’ve seen. We’re talking about foreign interference that can be proven, that I believe will be proven. We’re also talking about a fraudulent election, so it makes the whole inauguration thing not be consistent.

I feel like we’re putting so much emphasis on an inauguration date, that the election has still some things that must be looked into, that will be looked into, and you can’t tell me [that] over hundreds or thousands of prophetic voices, intercessors, believers, all missed it. In other words, I believe God is saying we need to wait and stand and take a position like David. Is there not a cause? And here’s what I would say, ‘Come back and talk to me in four years.’ You say, ‘That’s ridiculous. Four years? You said President Trump would be reelected.’ He was, but come back and talk to me in four years. In other words, they thought Noah was a fool. Noah prophesied something that had never been done in the history of the Earth. He said it would rain and the scoffers, the whole world was against him. You talk about a guy who the whole world was against, it was Noah. They scoffed at him, they rejected him, they mocked him. But in the end, they had prophetic blindness until God moved, and that’s what’s going to happen.
It's not clear from where he gets that timeline for Noah, or the news that 'the whole world mocked him', but maybe God has revealed things to Kunneman that he just forgot to put in Genesis. It so often happens that large chunks of the Bible need to be revised, corrected and re-written so it complies with the requirements of evangelical Christians.

Like QAnonon's prediction, these evangelical 'revelations' never quite seem to come to pass unless at some imaginary future point in the minds of the 'prophets'. Deadlines come and go and nothing has happened. The landslide win for Trump never happened. The flood of fake ballot papers never materialised. The forthcoming court-room victories never happened. SCOTUS with it's right-wing majority, never did overturn the result. Trump's impending military coup never came about and the people never did rise up and overthrow the government in favour of a right-wing, fundamentalist Christian dictatorship! And now Trump faces the second impeachment of his record-breakingly awful career. And the leader of the 'Law and Order' Republican Party has had to grant presidential pardons for over 70 of the criminal cronies that gathered around him in the four years in which he was in office as what now looks like the Mr Big of a crime syndicate.

And now President Biden and his team are implementing the policies right-wing preachers prophesied would never be implemented, including codifying Wade vs Roe, which effectively decriminalised abortions and guaranteed a woman's right to choose, into federal law, when hopes were high in right-wing circles that Trump's right-wing Christian puppets on SCOTUS would reverse it and once again embed Christian fundamentalism in American law and allow men to assert control over women's bodies and deny them the human right to choose.

You really would think an omnipotent god would get his act together and carry out the promises so many extremist Trumpanzee preachers made on his behalf. If he really had inserted Donald Trump (DONALD TRUMP!) into the White House to do his work, you really would think God would make sure his work stayed done!

Despite Trump's chances of being selected to run again being virtually zero because of his psychotic behaviour in refusing to concede, his repeated paranoid lies about electoral fraud and his role in fomenting the attempted white supremacist Trumpanzee coup d'etat on 6th January, very soon now you can expect more of God's 'prophets' to start prophesying a landslide victory for Trump, or maybe another extreme right-wing, white supremacist, xenophobic, misogynistic Republican would-be dictator, in 2024.

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