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Sunday 31 January 2021

Trumpanzee News - And Still The Fruitloops Come...

Lance Wallnau, False Prophet
Preacher: God Anointed Trump, Therefore Biden is an “Illegal Counterfeit” | Beth Stoneburner | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

The seemingly endless stream of evangelical Trumpanzee Christians unable to accept that their hero lost the November election and that Joe Biden is now POTUS, shows no signs of abating.

The latest forlorn nutjob is evangelist 'prophet' Lance Wallnau, who appeared on the Jim Bakker show (do people still listen to that serial adulterer and fraud?) to announce that Biden was an 'illegal counterfeit' in office because God had anointed Donald Trump, who was therefore still the real president.

Citing the ancient Hebrew origin myths in the Old Testament (1 Kings 12), and bending over backwards to relate them to the traditional paranoias of his xenophobic American fundamentalist Christian followers, he told Bakker's dupes listeners:
God isn’t finished with America, and God isn’t even finished with Donald Trump. I think people think, ‘He’s out of office, [we] have a new president,’ but what if God has an anointing on Donald Trump to be Cyrus, and there’s an illegal counterfeit in office?

We’re almost in the time when Israel was divided between Rehoboam and Jeroboam, and Jeroboam went to the north, and he created his own counterfeit religion to mirror the real thing. This is what the Democrats are doing. It’s the woke politics of intersectionality and race and transgenderism. Meanwhile, the kingdom is divided because the real anointing is still on Donald Trump.

If you remove him by illegal means, you can have the position, but you don’t have an anointing for that. That’s why America is vulnerable right now. Muslim terrorism and the emergence again of North Korea and Iran is going to trouble this administration because they don’t have an anointing to restrain it. Trump had it.
In February 2019, false prophet, Lance Wallnau, claimed to be privy to God’s ‘Brilliant’ Plan to Re-elect Trump in 2020, so he has a face to save by pretending his false prophesy was actually not false at all because Trump won really.

Apparently God's brilliant plan was to "let the Democrats make significant gains in the 2018 elections so that America would see how radical the party has become and therefore re-elect President Trump in 2020." He told his right-wing pastor, Andrew Womack:
I was talking to a White House communications director who was a dear friend of mine, and she said to me that before she went to work at the White House, she had a dream. And she had a dream that there were going to be years of plenty before there was going to be years of challenge and that she came into Trump’s administration with the belief that we’re going to have two terms for this president because the Lord showed it to her.

The Lord is letting the enemy fully manifest so the American people can mobilize appropriately to take charge of the future that God has for them. What’s happening is brilliant. The Lord is allowing the enemy to produce a manifestation of what he is to produce a crisis of decision so that we can choose life and not death. And in the boundaries of God’s time for America, I believe that Donald Trump will be put back in office because the left, like the devil, is overextending it’s hand.
Fellow fruitloop, Womak replied:
It’s just like when you cast a demon out of a person, which I’ve done many times, they manifest and they manifest many times by screaming and yelling. I think we are seeing an exorcism in the United States. Praise God.
Unfortunately, there seems to have been a small flaw in God's 'brilliant plan' - no-one seems to have told him that for his 'brilliant' plan to work, he would need to arrange for the Democrats to control both Houses of Congress, not just the lower House. With a Republican majority in the Senate, the Democrats were never going to be in a position to show Americans ' how radical the party has become'. Instead, the seem to have been shown how extreme the Republicans have become!

In October 2020 when Trump was sick with Covid-19, Wallnau declared that this was all part of God's plan too, and that fighting Trump was fighting against God:
The Angel of the Lord is going to go forth for America. Why? Because the president can’t fight now. You get what I’m saying? He can’t do it. So, the Lord is sending his angel. In a way, it’s the worst thing the devil could have done​ because if it was just Trump, then it’s just Trump. But now there’s an angel going forth. And who knows what kind of mischief that’s going to wreck on the enemy’s camp.|

There’s never been a better friend for the Jew and for the Christian than this president. And I don’t think that God forgets that. But we must remind him. ‘​Lord,’ Moses said, ‘this people irritate you. You could judge them — I know you want to. But remember, they’re your people. Remember, they’re your people. And, Lord, consider what marvels and miracles you’ve done to bring them to here. And, Lord, what will the heathens say, what will Egypt say, that you brought them out into the wilderness and then wiped them out?’

It’s just brilliant prayer. Because Moses, like Abraham, is in intercessory negotiation. And he’s saying, ‘Your reputation.’

What would people say when a man who loved Israel and loved Christians is taken out with a COVID virus, loses an election, the nation is in tatters? What was the message there? Where were you? Are you real? ‘He represents nothing. He represents no power.’

See, God’s name and his honor is attached to those that honor him. For those that honor Him, He will honor. Those that do what the Father calls them to do, Jesus said, my father will honor. I believe right now, when this president’s sick, when he’s lying down, it’s 30 days to go​, and he needs to be on his feet, and he cannot—I think then it’s the Lord himself [who] is going to have to go to war, is going to have to do this.

I think Americans on the left are striving, they’re fighting with their maker. Fighting with Trump is fighting with God. This will really get them all torqued. They’re fighting God because they’re fighting Trump. Not because Trump is Mr. Perfect, it’s because the Lord anointed him to be a wrecking ball. And he’s doing what he’s supposed to do—to pull down, to tear down so that he can build and plant. And all of the animosity, hatred, venom, and vitriol that is stirred up is nothing more than the unsanctified flesh in the resident hidden demons that are inside of journalists, looking for a way to express themselves.
What a weired, demon-haunted, psychotic world the poor mann inhabits, or at least assumes his credulous dupes do! In most sophisticated modern societies there would be (probably justified) fear for his mental welfare!

With such a history of false witnessing, no wonder Walnau is now desperate to fool his dupes that his prophesy came true really. The one small problem however is that it manifestly didn't. Biden won in what was described by the US security service as probably the most secure poll in American electoral history; a win that was certified state by state, accepted by the Electoral College, and certified by both Houses of Congress, with Trump's legal team unable to mount a significant challenge to the result in 60 court cases, including a challenge in the Supreme Court with its right-wing majority, courtesy of Donald J. Trump.

It turned out that the only 'evidence' of electoral fraud was in the paranoid imagination of a failed president with narcissistic personality disorder and the emotions of a child, who was unable to believe that he had lost, so spent that last 3 months of his disastrous presidency making up excuses for his cult followers to swallow, instead of leading the fight against a deadly pandemic claiming over 1000 American lives every day.

But, in the best traditions of evangelical Christian preachers, you can always claim God says/thinks whatever you would like him to, as and when you need him to, and your credulous dupes will continue to send you money so you will continue to tell them what they want to hear God saying.

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