F Rosa Rubicondior: Trumpanzee News - Success of The MAGA Cult's Self-Inflicted Genocide With COVID-19

Saturday 1 April 2023

Trumpanzee News - Success of The MAGA Cult's Self-Inflicted Genocide With COVID-19

Trumpanzee News

Success of The MAGA Cult's Self-Inflicted Genocide With COVID-19

Excess death gap widens between U.S. and Europe, study finds: U.S. has an increasingly high proportion of excess deaths compared to five European countries -- ScienceDaily

Figures published in PLOS a few days ago point to an astonishing success rate for the self-inflicted genocide campaign waged by the MAGA/Trumpanzee cult during the COVID-19 pandemic between 2020 and 2021.

Probably as a result of the antivaxx campaign and the evangelical Christian and Repugnican-led campaign against the measures to impede the spread of the virus and lower pressure on health services such as social distancing, prohibiting indoor gatherings and wearing face-masks, the 'excess deaths' gap between Europe and the USA grew even wider.
Table 1. Annual estimates of excess mortality in the United States (deaths from all causes, deaths involving Covid-19 and all other deaths), 2017 to 2021.
chart showing excess US deaths compared to Europe between 2017 and 2021
Data source: Heuveline P (2023)
As these figures show, the gap between the excess death rate in the USA compared to Europe, which was already running at about 450-480,000 shot up to almost 752,000 in 2020 and over 892,000 in 2021. The author has calculated that in 2020, 18.2% of this excess was due to COVID-19 and this increased to 25% in 2021.

These European figures were arrived at by pooling data from five large European countries with similar population profiles to the USA (England and Wales, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) to give a total population similar to that of the USA.

As explained in information supplied by PLOS:
A new analysis shows that, compared to similarly high-income European countries, the US continues to have substantially higher death rates at all but the oldest ages, resulting in more "excess deaths," and this gap widened during the Covid-19 pandemic. Patrick Heuveline, of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), presents these findings in the open-access journal PLOS ONE on March 29, 2023.

Calculating excess death rates can be useful for comparing mortality between different countries or sub-populations, as well as before and after the onset of a health crisis. Prior research has documented a substantial widening of the mortality gap between the US and five high-income European countries between 2000 and 2017. Mounting evidence suggests that, compared to those countries, the US has experienced even higher Covid-19 mortality during the pandemic.

Building on those earlier studies, Heuveline calculated excess death rates in the US relative to the same five countries -- England & Wales, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain -- for 2017 through 2021. The calculations account for different population sizes between the countries.

The mortality gap widened during the pandemic, but not just due to the US handling of the crisis mortality from Covid-19. The chronic toll of excess deaths due to causes other than Covid-19 continued to increase as well, further demonstrating the US health policy failure to integrate the social, psychological and economic dimensions of health, from a weak social security net and lack of health care access for all to poor health behaviors.

Patrick Heuveline, author
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), CA USA
Heuveline found that the number of excess deaths between the US and the five European countries did indeed increase between 2017 and 2021, and that Covid-19 mortality contributed to this increase. Between 2019 and 2021, the annual number of excess deaths in the US nearly doubled, however, 45 percent of this rise was due to causes other than Covid-19. In 2021, 25 percent of all excess deaths in the US were attributed to Covid-19, representing 223,266 deaths out of 892,491 total excess deaths from any cause.

Further research will be needed to identify specific underlying reasons for how, exactly, the Covid-19 pandemic helped to drive the widening excess deaths gap between the US and Europe. For instance, Heuveline suggests, such research could explore differences in vaccination rates or social conditions that place a disproportionate impact on minority populations.
From the published paper in PLOS:

The mortality gap between the United States and other high-income nations substantially expanded during the first two decades of the 21st century. International comparisons of Covid-19 mortality suggest this gap might have grown during the Covid-19 pandemic. Applying population-weighted average mortality rates of the five largest West European countries to the US population reveals that this mortality gap increased the number of US deaths by 34.8% in 2021, causing 892,491 “excess deaths” that year. Controlling for population size, the annual number of excess deaths has nearly doubled between 2019 and 2021 (+84.9%). Diverging trends in Covid-19 mortality contributed to this increase in excess deaths, especially towards the end of 2021 as US vaccination rates plateaued at lower levels than in European countries. In 2021, the number of excess deaths involving Covid-19 in the United States reached 223,266 deaths, representing 25.0% of all excess deaths that year. However, 45.5% of the population-standardized increase in excess deaths between 2019 and 2021 is due to other causes of deaths. While the contribution of Covid-19 to excess mortality might be transient, divergent trends in mortality from other causes persistently separates the United States from West European countries. Excess mortality is particularly high between ages 15 and 64. In 2021, nearly half of all US deaths in this age range are excess deaths (48.0%).

The Final Score

Johns Hopkins formally stopped collecting COVID-19 date on 23 March, 2023 after 3 years 24/7 monitoring. Note how well the resistance campaign mounted by evangelicals and MAGA cultist succeeded in achieving record numbers of cases in the USA.

Trump looking like an idiot
As failed President Donald J Trump begins two campaigns simultaneously - to stay out of jail and to get the Repugnican Party nomination for its candidate in the 2024 presidential election, it's perhaps worth running through how he blundered into the disastrous response to the COVID-19 pandemic and took his party down the same rabbit hole with him.

Having come to power on electoral college votes despite losing the popular vote, and determined to undo everything the first non-white, and therefore in his opinion, illegitimate, president, Barak Obama had achieved, he dismantled the contingency Obama put in place to cope with a future viral pandemic, including the stockpile of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) needed by healthcare staff.

He then panicked when the COVID-19 pandemic materialised at the beginning of 2020, realising he was out of his depth with the science and responsible for the USA not being prepared for it. Unable, due to his narcissistic personality disorder, to admit others knew better than he did he then began berating and bullying anyone who tried to advise him of the seriousness of the situation, minimised the seriousness of the illness and declared that the pandemic would be over by April. His regular briefing to the nation regarding the pandemic degenerated into farce as he tried to tell the scientists and medical experts their jobs and made crass, unsubstantiated claims about untested treatments and wackadoodle idea such as drinking bleach and inserting a UV light into various orifices, leaving his experts open-mouthed, unable to decide whether to agree with him and look as stupid as he did, or disagree and risk being sacked. In the end, their embarrassed silence spoke volumes.

Astonishingly, he politicised the fact that he survived the disease after spending a few days in ICU receiving intensive (and expensive treatment not available to ordinary people), by claiming it showed the disease was a mild illness. The fact that he caught it by ignoring the specialist advice of scientists and because he had turned the White House into a dangerous plague pit with staff afraid even to wear a face covering for fear of his bullying, was lost on his supporters.

The Repugnican party and its evangelical Christian wing dutifully fell into line as Trump politicised the pandemic hoping to gain electoral advantage from his obvious incompetence, by presenting it as an intelligent response to the crisis. To assist him, the Pro-Trump QAnon conspiracists began a disinformation campaign designed to appeal to the core Repugnican voters - paranoid white supremacists Dominionist - to rally them behind the failing Trump presidency.

In the event, Trump's election rallies in 2020 became super-spreader events with attendees either unwilling, or too intimidated, to observe sensible social distancing and wear a face mask, both of which had become regarded as displays of disloyalty to the president and somehow unpatriotic - unpatriotic to help protect your fellow countrymen and countrywomen!

The result was the huge spike in cases when the Omicron variant struck at the end of 2021, with differentially high numbers in Repugnican counties, and the self-genocide was underway. Trump's Repugnicans had become the first political party in history to be advocating policies that were killing its core supporters while telling them it was good for them and making their country great again. And any Repugnican politician who tried to back out of the rabbit hole faced a barrage of hate and risked losing their sea, so they were faced with the choice of being honest and losing their seat or carrying on lying to the voters and keeping it.

In the end, the Trumpanzee fools even tried to stage a coup d’état to keep him in power because Democrats sensibly opted in large numbers to vote by post rother than risk catching COVID-19, while Trump voters stupidly regarded that as unpatriotic. So, since it is easier to vote by post than turn up at the polling station, Democrats voted in record numbers, Trump lost the popular vote by the largest margin ever, and Jo Biden won with the largest number of votes ever cast in an American election.

And now, the worst president in American history, the two-time loser of the popular vote, is campaigning to be given another try at the job, while simultaneously trying to stay out of jail where he belongs.

It would be good for America, good for democracy, good for justice, and good for the world, if Trump witnessed the next presidential election from a prison cell.

Keep the Chump Dumped. Lock him Up!

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