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Monday, 27 September 2021

Christian Hate News - Loony Talibangelical Extremist Greg Locke on the War-Path.

Pastor Greg Locke, Global Vision Bible Church, Tennessee.
"This means war!"
Hate-Preacher Tells Right-Wing Crowd They’re Being Persecuted: “This Means War!” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Readers of this blog will be very familiar with false prophet, rabid homophobe and preacher of hate with a persecution complex, Greg Locke, who recently announced he was building the violent Church that Jesus wanted. An announcement that promptly got him banned from Twitter and resulted in several of his more offensive YouTube videos being taken down.

According to Locke, only gay people would do nothing while the evil, Satanic Democrats closed churches to stop them spreading the coronavirus, and Jesus wasn't gay so he would have defended his First Amendments rights with his Second Amendment rights.

It goes without saying that the US Constitution applied in 1st Century Palestine and Jesus jealously guarded his right to use guns to keep his churches open by posting armed thugs at the door to stop the authorities "trying something"!

I'm not a psychiatrist, but Locke's behaviour since he was shown to be a false prophet by falsely prophesying that Trump would win last November by a landslide because God had told him personally, he would arrange it, is becoming so bizarre and extreme that if his behaviour doesn't meet the definition of insanity, then insanity needs to be redefined.

So I believe in loading the gospel Gatling gun. *pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop* Shoot 'em all in the name of God, amen ? Ain't nobody off limits!

They will be serving Frosties in the Lake of Fire before Pastor Greg Locke ever shuts down his local New Testament church because a demon-possessed buck-wild tyrannical government told him to!

Open the doors and open them wide, let King Jesus come inside! It's time to open every church in America! Open the churches! Open the churches! Open the churches! Every one of them. Yes, blow them shofars! This means war! This is our battle cry, church !
Like, a locked door is going to stop omnipresent 'King Jesus'!

Imagine what effect this insane rhetoric might be having on the sorts of impressionable minds who have already bought into the QAnon conspiracy lies and who still believe Trump's initial assertion that the coronavirus was nothing to be concerned about, that it would all be over in a few weeks and anyway it was all a Democrat Party hoax; the typical Trumpanzee, white supremacist Talibangelical Christian anti-vaxxer with a fixation with guns.

As Hemant Mehta points out:
…while his gun comment is merely rhetorical, imagine what the people in this audience would do if a prominent Muslim politician made a similar comment "in the name of Allah." It's inconceivable they would react by wanting to defend that person's religious freedom.
And all because the failed Prophet of God didn't get the result in a democratic vote that he felt entitled to as a Christian evangelical and devoted Trumpanzee Repugnican.

It takes religion (or insanity) to believe that, if people don't do as you say and believe what you tell them to, because you feel you speak for God, God would approve of you killing them, so killing people who disagree with you is the right and moral thing to do. Democracy is all well and good, provided the vote always goes your way. If not, it must be attacked and abolished and replaced by a compliant dictatorship - because that's what God wants. The very same thinking that prompted Trump's lawyer, John Eastman, to come up with a plan to abolish democracy and have VP Pence declare Trump the winner, despite losing the popular vote by the largest recorded margin. To his credit, and to Trump's dismay, Pence declined, not on the morality of the plan but because he didn't believe he had the constitutional powers to carry it out.

Imagine what life would be like in an America run by self-appointed Christian Talibangelist extremists like Greg Locke and his supporters in the Rerpugnican/Trumpanzee/QAnon cults. Little different to Afghanistan, Iran or Saudia Arabia today, in fact.

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