Monday, 13 September 2021

Covidiot News - Loony Talibangelical Nut Job "Destroys" COVID-19 - Again!

Kenneth Copeland, destroyed COVID, again!
Kenneth Copeland, Who Said COVID Was “Destroyed” a Year Ago, Is Saying It Again | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

The ridiculous grifter, Kenneth Copeland, darling of the Talibangelical extreme right, has demonstrated the credulity of his followers yet again, by claiming to have totally destroyed the coronavirus for at least the third time. The virus doesn't seem to have noticed this time either.

Readers may remember how, to the whoops and cheers of the fools in his audience, he 'destroyed' it in March 2020, in the early days of the pandemic, just by blowing 'the wind of God' on it, spitting at it and pronouncing it gone for ever.

On Aug 24, 2021 he claims to have watched as God destroyed it yet again, seeing what can only be described as the lurid hallucination of a psychotic madman (assuming he is telling the truth about what he thinks he saw, and given his record there is no guarantee of that!)

In a filmed phone call to his fellow televangelist grifters, his daughter, Terri Pearson, and her husband, George Pearson, he described seeing a "blanket of blood" everywhere, particularly on America (because, to a parochial and mostly ignorant and uneducated Copeland follower, obviously, God is especially concerned with America and not with that little unimportant place called 'the rest of the world').

This morning as we prayed, just suddenly, I saw a blanket of blood. It rippled like it had, like, a slight breeze on it. And as I watched it, and I watched this blanket of blood, it was everywhere, particularly over the United States and over our partners everywhere.

And then a golden layer — just so gold it was hard to — this golden aura and cloud — a golden cloud — right on top of the blood. And then I realized that it came up out of the blood, and just stunningly beautiful.

And then angels began to criss-cross over the top of all of that. And these golden rainbows came up out of that. And I saw all of the healing, the healing of lungs... and then the Scriptures this morning as they came out of that song, and then the lungs, and breathing you, breathing God down into our lungs. And people rising up. And I knew in my spirit, and I said it out loud with my mouth, "Our breakthrough has come. And glory to God, the destruction, the final takedown of this synthetic virus that has been made by men as a weapon has fallen. It's destroyed…"
That's it then! Not only is the pandemic finally over (for at least the third time) but it won't be back again as it is finally destroyed - unlike the previous times, 600,000 American deaths ago, when it was only temporarily 'destroyed and gone for ever'.

So, my lovely little ten-year-old granddaughter who has just tested positive for COVID-19, her younger sister and her mother and father have nothing to be concerned about, apart from the fact that they don't live in America, so God didn't bother with the blanket of blood, the golden rainbows and the healing angels where they live.

And the idiots in the audience whooped and cheered yet again!

Daily confirmed new Covid-19 cases, USA 13 Sep, 2021
(20 days after Kenneth Copeland proclaimed it over!)

Did you notice that little bit of QAnon conspiracy nonsense about the virus being created as a weapon, incidentally? Meanwhile, the reality is that not only is the pandemic raging again in the USA and the rest of the world, but new and even more worrying variants such as the μ and λ versions are evolving in those too stupid, gullible and selfish to get themselves vaccinated. There is a very long way to go yet before this thing is over!

There are even people stupid enough to listen to avaricious old frauds like Copeland, and believe they no longer need to take precautions or get themselves vaccinated, as we can see from the red states in the USA where the fools who listened to these frauds are now filling up the ICUs and mortuaries in what can only be described as a self-inflicted genocide of the lunatic Christian right.

Copeland must be due for a new private jet by now to replace the top of the range one he bought a year ago, telling his dupes that he needed it so he didn't have to travel about in a metal tube full of strangers (and risk catching the virus he had destroyed for ever).

He already has the hanger and private airstrip in the grounds of his $multi-million lakeside mansion, all paid for by his grateful followers, of course.

How on earth do you get through to people who don't see any problem with the same old fool claiming on multiple occasions that the pandemic is over and the virus has been completely destroyed, then coming back to make the same claim a year later after the deaths of hundreds of thousands more people from the virus he 'destroyed' earlier? Are they educable at all or has Copeland demonstrated yet again how religious fundamentalism depends on ignorant stupidity for its success and that no matter how deeply you plumb, you just can't find their lower level of credulity?

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