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Sunday, 12 September 2021

You Don't Have to be Insane to Support Donald Trump, But it Helps!

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Mass Death Scale Injection | Right Wing Watch

Three stark staring bonkers Trumpanzee fruitloops show just how far round the twist you need to be to think Donald Trump was a good president who actually won a second term. Needless to say, these same bonkers fruitloops are also Talibangelical Christians.

First we have Shane Vaughn, co-founder of First Harvest Ministries in Waveland, Mississippi and convicted criminal who has been making increasingly bizarre 'prophesies' ever since he predicted that Donald Trump would never be impeached (he was impeached a record two time), that he would win a second term (he lost) and that he would serve
12 years as POTUS. After his false prophesy of a second term he declared that the prophesy was actually right because Trump was now 'inside their heads in the White House'.

Vaughn is now insisting that Trump will soon return to the White House to "destroy the work that Satan has done through Joe Biden and Kamala Harris".

Not to be out done, Talibangelical covidiot antivaxxer and former TV show host with links to QAnon but with no medical or scientific credentials, Lauren Witzke, has declared that the anti-Covid-19 injections are a "mass death scale injection" (whatever that means) and a "precursor to the Mark of the Beast" [sic].

The evidence is, of course, that the places in the USA where the vaccine take-up is low are the places with the highest numbers of people dying or becoming seriously sick with Covid-19, and the same places where the hospitals are running out of ICU beds. In the UK, where 89% of the 16+ population have been vaccinated, the current wave of δ variant Covid-19 has resulted in only a fraction of the hospitalisations and deaths from similar numbers of daily cases in pre-vaccine times. There is now indisputable statistical evidence of the efficacy of the vaccines in preventing serious illness and death in the vast majority of cases.

In fact, the differential death rates between the low vaccine take-up, usually red, areas and the high take-up, usually blue areas, in the USA is so marked that many people have likened it to a self-inflicted genocide, encouraged by people like Witzke of their own supporters and followers. Those gullible enough to fall for the Republican, Trumpanzee, QAnon anti-vaxxer disinformation are self-culling from the human genepool.

And lastly, our old friend Pastor Greg Locke, of Global Vison Bible Church in Tennessee, is making even more deranged assertions, claiming now that "forced vaccination is a war crime".

As regular readers may recall, Locke recently announced that he was building a "violent church" for Jesus having stationed armed thugs to guard the doors with orders to shoot anyone who runs towards the church or otherwise 'tried something'. He has also ordered that anyone caught wearing a face-mask in his church will be thrown out (presumably, by the same armed thugs). It sems from his 'war crime' comment that, in his paranoid mind, there already is some sort of war in progress. One only hopes that he doesn't take it into his head to start shooting his 'enemies' for Jesus, or inspire some deluded follower into taking up the fight.

Lock is of course another Talibangelical false prophet who claims God promised him he would ensure Trump won by a landslide last November and who has since become more and more violent and deranged trying to prove that wasn't a false prophesy by a false prophet. He is also rather too obsessed by homosexuality, which might be a clue to the origins of his pent-up hate. Amongst his more deranged pronouncements, which of course he blames on God, he declared that all homosexuals are really evangelical Christians who have been possessed by Satan to prevent them winning converts for Jesus.

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