Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Trumpanzee Lunatic News - Pastor Greg Locke "Building a Violent Church" for Jesus

Pastor Greg Locke
Building a violent church for Jesus
'Apostle' Michael Petro Says God Is Raising Up a 'Violent Church' Because Democrats Don't Tolerate Christianity | Right Wing Watch

Extremist Trumpanzee loon and self-style Prophet of God (PoG), Greg Lock, has never gotten over committing the cardinal sin for PoGs - prophesying a specific event on a specific date and so running the risk of being proved wrong and a false prophet. Lock, of course, is famous for prophesying a Trump win by a landslide last November, claiming God had revealed this to him and promised he would ensure it happened. Trump lost!

Now, as Locke dives deeper down the specially-constructed QAnon conspiracy rabbit hole, desperately trying to prove he isn't a false prophet because Trump won really (it's just that God was powerless to stop the massive, Satanic conspiracy to steal the election, apparently), he is becoming more and more extreme and revealing a tendency towards violence that many Christians find shocking for a supposed man of god and professed follower of Jesus. With every passing deadline by which the military were prophesied to have overthrown the Biden presidency, revealed the scale of the 'election fraud', named the 'child-trafficking paedophiles' responsible, executed the perpetrators, including the entire leadership of the Democratic Party, and reinstated Donald Trump in the White House (the last deadline being the end of August), Lock becomes ever more insane and increasingly violent.

In this interview with fellow Trumpanzee and QAnon conspiracist, self-styles 'Apostle' and faith healer, Michael Petro, he once again declares that he is certain the election was stolen, declaring that 'forensic science' had proved it, but neglecting to say where, when and how. In true PoG style, he blames God for his refusal to accept the result was legitimate, because God has not told him to accept it.

Naturally, fellow loon, Petro agrees and says people should be thrown in jail because it was a 'treasonous act' (so was the attempted coup d’état on 6th January by people with the same deranged mindset as Locke and Petro, but no mention by the pair of disingenuous hypocrites of that act of extreme violence by their fellow political extremists).

Apparently stung by criticism of his increasingly deranged tendency to violence with his announcement that armed goons were positioned at the doors of his church with orders to shoot down anyone who 'tries something' or even runs towards the church, and his announcement that anyone who wears a face-mask (which he equates with being in league with the 'deep state' and their 'coronavirus hoax') would be thrown out (presumably by those same armed goons).

Again, Petro agrees, now showing his paranoia by declaring that the Democratic party will not tolerate Christianity at any point, so they have to prepare to fight. All this is because, the incompetent Trump, playing at 'President and King of the World' from his room in the White House, intitially down-played the SARS-CoV-2 virus because he couldn't admit he was out of his depth and didn't know what to do, then Democrates were in favour of preventing churches becoming the super-spreader events they became as the ensuing disaster unfolded, by banning mass gatherings, restricting numbers of church-goers and making social distancing measures compulsory. And this hurt church incomes! He declares that the Lord is calling for a violent church.

This is, of course, the sort of deranged lunacy that leads impressionable gun nuts to go shoot up a church or gun down elected politicians, believing they are doing God's work and carrying out his orders. As the apologist for genocide, Dr. William Lane Craig would no doubt explain it, an act of violence is not immoral if it is commanded by God; in fact, it would be immoral not to carry out an act of murder ordered by Divine Command (i.e. if you believe a god is telling you to do it).

Meanwhile, Locke is bragging about getting to spread his hate and load the guns of these extremist gun nuts by being invited to address some of the 'largest political rallies on the planet' (for 'planet' read 'USA', since the rest of the world doesn't exist in the small minds of parochial Trumpanzee loons like Locke and Petro)

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