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Covidiot News - The self-inflicted Genocide is not Confined to American Fundamentalists...

Hai Shaulian, leading Israeli anti-vaxxer, died of COVID-19, last Monday morning
Anti-Vaccine Activist Who Said 'There's No Epidemic' Dies of COVID

Evidence that the self-inflicted genocide which is currently culling the herd by removing right-wing fundamentalist anti-vaxxer covidiots, is not confined to America, but includes Israeli anti-vaxxers too, comes with the death from COVID-19 of the anti-vaxxer activist, Hai Shaulian in an Israeli hospital.

Sadly, neither prayer, nor his assertion that the 'Creator of the World' was with him so he had nothing to fear, made any difference, and despite the efforts of the hospital staff using medical science, he died last Monday morning. Another life sacrificed on the altar of conspiracy theorists' egos.

In his last message on Facebook he told his followers:
Dear friends. My situation is extremely critical. I'm in a very serious condition at Wolfson Hospital in Holon Corona department.
Unable to talk and respond to people.
I have no oxygen and can't stabilize.
This morning I woke up I was wet like a few buckets of water. No oxygen. It took me about an hour to figure out who I am. Where am I and what am I doing here.
Lack of oxygen is a terrible thing.
I thank all those who care and support.
You can pray it helps.
Hai Ben Dalia and David Shulian.
The Creator of the world is with me I am not afraid.
I believe that I will get out of this with the help of God, in my estimate, it will take
Keep fighting. The state is committing a criminal intercent coercion on us.
Don't give up
The green tea [Green Pass?] will not rise in Israel. He has nothing to do with Corona. He has nothing to do with vaccines, he has something to do with coercion. Love you guys
And sorry I blocked WhatsApp phones
Gotta focus on oxygen or I'll be breathing.
With Israel live

[Translated by Facebook]
Despite his diagnosis and the seriousness of his condition, he continued to insist that the Green Pass system adopted by the Israeli government, to try to reduce the scale of the pandemic, has nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic or vaccines, but is all about coercion.

When he first became ill, last week, he had told his followers that he believed he had been poisoned by the police as an attempt to 'wipe me out', after his arrest for demonstrating against the Green Pass system. He had been quoted in The Post as saying:
There is no epidemic—the vaccine is unnecessary and dangerous.
so far, 61% of Israelis have been double vaccinated and all people over 30 have been offered a third, booster, vaccination.

And still, despite this evidence such as this that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is deadly, and the evidence that the vaccines reduce the likelihood of catching it, and the severity of the illness if it is caught, covidiots are still dying in disproportionate numbers compared to those who have been vaccinated, because they have listened to the demonstrably false claims of people like Hai Shaulian, who have no medical or scientific expertise and no understanding of virology, epidemiology or immunology and believe that magic, magic spells and an invisible magic friend will protect them.

It's not just in America and Israel where covidiot victims of conspiracy theories and disinformation are dying either. Recently, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a mother and daughter who had refused vaccines, despite being care workers who would have been amongst the first to be offered them, died in the same hospital ward, of COVID-19.

I never, never thought in my life I would bury my daughter. She’s a 32-year-old healthy girl and she took heart failure at the end because she just couldn’t cope…

These people who are not taking the Covid-19 injection – they’re not thinking of the other people that they leave behind.

Kevin McAllister
Father of Sammie-Jo Forde.
Northern Ireland is one part of the UK where American fundamentalism is still regarded as more than just a lunatic fringe cult. According this this report in The Gardian, the daughter, mother of four, Sammie-Jo Forde, aged 32, who died last Saturday, had been influenced by, amongst others, the American covidiot loon, Candace Owens, and shared videos by her on social media, on how to respond if your employer tries to force you to vaccinate. Her mother, Heather Maddern, 55, who also shared a number of anti-vaxx conspiracy theories on social media, had been treated in the same hospital ward as Sammie-Jo, died on August 31st.

My family is going through a hard time, and I wouldn't wish that on any family member anywhere. If my family was vaccinated, they would be here today.

[fear and misinformation were big factors in why they refused to be vaccinated]. They were just scared. Everything was new, and they were just scared.
But these cases in the UK are rare, thanks to a more enlightened, less paranoid world view. In America, the self-inflicted genocide of anti-vaxxer, Talibangelical Trumpanzees continues in the Repugnican, right-leaning red states and counties where the vaccine uptake has been low due to the Trump-supporting QAnon conspiracy theories being promoted by leading political figures such as Ron DeSantis in Florida, who took his lead from Donald Trump and now can't afford the political cost of changing tack. There, according to this CNN report, despite the efforts of Lisa Wilson, an aide to Palm Beach County Commissioner Melissa McKinlay and wife to Belle Glade Mayor Steve Wilson, to persuade them to get vaccinated, six anti-vaxxer members of her family died of COVID-19 within three weeks of one another.

Although at 56% vaccine take-up, Florida is slightly ahead of the US average (an average pulled down by red areas and Bible Belt states) CDC has described the state as having a high rate of community transmission. One of the results of the pro-Trump attempts to minimise the risk from the virus, for example, Governor DeSantis' attempt to prevent mandatory face-mask wearing in public places, is a lack of social distancing and wearing face-masks, both of which have become symbols of political affiliation.

The pity is that, despite these cases there are still covidiots who prefer to listen to the conspiracy theorists of the extreme right. If only they would listen to people like Pastor Danny Reeves of Corsicana, Texas, who almost became another victim of this self-genocide when, having refused to get vaccinated he almost died of COVID-19. He has now undergone a Damascene conversion to the vaccine and is urging his followers to get vaccinated, saying this is what it realy means to love thy neighbour.

The sad thing is that Christian fundamentalists need to be persuaded to do the right thing in order to please God with the hope of a reward later, instead of being prepared to do the right thing because it's the right thing to do.

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