Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Christian False Prophet, Kat Kerr, Makes a Fool of Herself (and Her Followers) Again

Kat Kerr
Talibangelical Christian False Prophetess
Christian “Prophetess” Tries (and Fails) to Take “Authority” Over Hurricane Ida | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

As frauds go, they don't get more fraudulent than Christian Talibangelist, false prophetess, Kat Kerr.

Kerr earns her living telling her credulous followers implausible tales about her supposed multiple visits to Heaven to chat with her personal friends Jesus and his dad. She also claims to have the power to command vast armies of angels to guarantee the security of, for example, her beloved former president, Donald Trump's rallies, and to ensure he wins the presidential election in which he was booted out of office by the American electorate.

She also claims to be able to control the weather and take control of hurricanes and tropical storms; claims which her simpleton followers appear to believe despite her appalling record in that respect. Mind you, those who can believe a hurricane is sentient and has the ability to obey the words and magic spells of Kerr and her ilk can probably be persuaded to believe that which is manifestly untrue.

Here for example, she is claiming to have taken control of Hurricane Ida, using the services of thousands of 'weather warriors' who 'took authority' over the hurricane which devastated Louisiana a couple of days late.
We say to you, Ida, you will become nothing, in Jesus' name. We have authority over you because Christ took authority over the storms and stopped them. We have the right to do that to you… So, Ida, we say you will become nothing, in Jesus' name. We command the millibars and the pressure in you to rise, rise, rise!…

We command the storm to be downgraded, in Jesus' name, because we have authority over it. We are over the weather, not under the weather. And we tell Ida, you will not become anything! You may bring refreshing rain, but no severe flooding, no storm damage, no tornadoes, no death or dying… You will not keep going and bring death and destruction. You can only go to the dry parts — areas — and bring rain that will nourish the Earth. So, in Jesus' name, we have dealt with Ida.
Perhaps, just as before, Jesus withdrew his authority or the weather declined to obey Kat and her weather warrior minions. Her recent record suggests her claimed powers may not be quite what she imagines. In 2018, she claimed the credit for Hurricane Lane spontaneously losing power from a category 4 storm before hitting Hawaii but Hurricane Florence later that year appeared not to notice how Kat and her warriors had 'shredded' it and went on to be extremely destructive.

Again, in 2019 Hurricane Dorian was so manifestly unaware that Kat had 'crushed' it that it went on to cause billions of dollars worth of damage and kill more than 80 people. It was no better with Hurricanes Laura and Marco in 2020, which Kat had declared, due to he orders, would cause 'no destruction in any way'. Despite being under strict orders not to, Hurricane Laura caused $20 billion in damages and killed dozens of people.

And yet her idiot followers continue to hang on her every word and send her money to help her 'spread the good news' and keep America safe with her magical powers. Meanwhile, there is serious danger that her dupes who are stupid enough to believe her, are stupid enough to ignore the official warnings to find a place of safety and take precautions to minimise deaths and destruction, believing that Kat Kerr's magic spells are keeping them and their homes safe.

But, as with other Talibangelist Christian fruitloops, the safety and welfare of her followers is of secondary concern to Kat Kerr whose priority is to keep the cash flowing in, to give her a lifestyle of which her victims can only dream.

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