F Rosa Rubicondior: Covidiot News - Cardinal Burke off a Ventilator but Unrepentant for Misleading Catholics Over Covid-19 Vaccines.

Wednesday 25 August 2021

Covidiot News - Cardinal Burke off a Ventilator but Unrepentant for Misleading Catholics Over Covid-19 Vaccines.

Cardinal Raymod Burke
Recovering from COVID-19 having lied about the vaccine.
Cardinal Burke off ventilator, still hospitalized with COVID

Cardinal Burke, one of Catholicism's most influential Covidiots, who has been deliberately spreading false anti-vaccine information to deter those gullible enough to listen to him from being vaccinated, is now recovering from COVID-19 and off the ventilator that medical science used to save him when prayers failed. A ventilator, incidentally, that could have been used to save one of his victims or one of the few people who ignored his lies and had the vaccine, but fell sick from the δ variant anyway.

Needless to say, rather than thanking the medical staff and the scientists behind the medical science that was used to save him, he and his supporters are thanking the same god they believe created the virus and in particular the magic spells chanted to that god by his followers. Rather than credit their skill to their dedication and hard work, he even attributed the skills of the hospital staff to his god.

His sister spoke with him on the phone this morning, and His Eminence expressed his deep gratitude for the many prayers offered on his behalf. His family asks that we continue those prayers for his full and speedy recovery, and they are grateful to God for the exceptional medical care the Cardinal has received from the dedicated doctors and nurses who continue to assist him.

Rev. Paul N. Check,
Executive director of the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe
La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
According to this report in Religion News Service:
An earlier statement from the shrine said Burke had received sacraments from priests and several relics had been placed in his room.
Presumably, those magic spells and amulets will do what he thinks the medical staff using medical science can't do. Nothing scares away a deadly virus quite like an old body part of a dead holy man, especially when accompanied by wine and wafer magically transformed into real pieces of Jesus by casting magic spells and doing special hand-movements over it.

Despite (or because of) Burke's support for the conservative right and his vicious homophobia, former Hitler Youth anti-aircraft gunner, Pope Benedict XVI put him in charge of the Vatican High Court with the quaint name of Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura - a post from which he was summarily dismissed by Pope Francis when he opposed his attempts to soften the Vatican's stance on homosexuality and his reforms designed to repackage the church as a kind, inclusive organization and not the habitual persecutor of women and minorities it has traditionally been. Instead, he was given the largely ceremonial title of Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta - a position which allows him to retain his title (and salary plus pensions and other benefits) as a Cardinal in the Curia but without the powers he once commanded.

He is notorious for having lied to Catholics about the anti-COVID vaccines, telling them that it is a secret way to inject microchips under the skin in order to control them, and that it is made from the cells of aborted foetuses and would thus be cardinal sin to be injected with it - something repeatedly denied by the vaccine manufacturers.

Despite the growing evidence from the USA that the δ variant is differentially killing Christian fundamentalists who have listened to liars like Burke and not been vaccinated, in a wave of infections and deaths that has been likened to a self-inflicted genocide of the conservative evangelical right, and the manifest evidence of his own case that prayer and piety make no difference, Burke appears to be maintaining the position that the best defence against the virus is Jesus.

It's time Pope Francis moved against those of his clerics who are encouraging this mass genocide of his followers, whose concern for the sanctity of life appears to be restricted only to the unborn child where controlling the reproductive life of women seems to be the primary consideration. After that, they can go stuff themselves, pregnant women and their unborn foetuses with them, so far as nauseating hypocrites like cardinal Burke are concerned.

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