Sunday, 29 August 2021

A Lying Loony Speaks - "Nonsense, twisted, and false view of God and Intelligent Design".

Nonsense, twisted, and false view of God and Intelligent Design.

Someone calling himself (I assume it's a 'he' but I could be wrong) 'Ether Technology'[sic], who hasn't read my illustrated book, The Malevolent Designer: Why Nature's God is not Good, and who doesn't want you to either, has decided to pretend he has and to be able to refute its contents without addressing anything in it. Instead, he has claimed to be posting what God said about the book, and simply posted a list of irrelevant Bible verses followed by the traditional threat, betraying his own psychotic state of mind.

Had he read the book, he would have found it contains description of some of the very many examples to be found in nature where, if they were designed, the designer could only be described as a malevolent, sadistic monster who hates its creation and designs ever-more nasty ways to make it suffer.

Bizarrely, the understandably anonymous 'Ether Technology' thinks this can all be explained by 'sin' but neglects to explain how, for example, an isopod amputating and replacing the tongue of a fish with its own body, a nematode turning a cricket into a zombie and making it commit suicide, a fungus that indiscriminately kills frogs or a bacterium that selectively kills the males of a species of butterfly on a Pacific island, could possibly be directed at mankind as a punishment for some mythical misdeed of a founding couple that science shows could not possibly have existed.

Golden rod soldier beetle, Chauliognathus pensylvanicus Females killed then reanimated by a fungus, Eryniopsis lampyridarum to attract a 'mate' to spread the fungus.
Illustration: Catherine Hounslow-Webber
Nor, because he hasn't read the book so is unaware of what exactly he need to refute, does he explain why a perfect designer could have give humans the superior immune system it designed for bats, the ability to resist cancers it gave to elephants, or the superior eye and respiratory system it designed for birds, yet, it we accept the design argument for one moment, decided not to, thus creating a far from perfect design, destined to suffer all manner of horrors such as cancer, infectious diseases like COVID-19 and malaria and failing eyesight in old age.

I can understand how, inculcated with morbidly paranoid theophobia by mental abuse in childhood, someone like our false witness, 'Ether Technology' would be far too afraid of the consequences of reading this book but why is he so insecure in his cultic superstion that he is afraid you will read it and discover the horros that have evolved in nature withought the help of magic or a celestial magician?

Endoparasitic Yellow-flanked braconid wasp, Chaoilta hollowayi
Injects an immuno-suppressive virus along with an egg into its butterfly caterpillar host so the wasp grub can eat it alive.
Illustration: Catherine Hounslow-Webber
Strangely, he doesn't seen afraid of the consequences of bearing false witness, despite this being forbidden in his magic book.

How on Earth can these many casual horrors that have no relevance at all to mankind be the result of a legendary founder couple from one of Earth's many ancient origin myths, eating a forbidden apple? And why would anyone who wanted to defend his imaginary magic friend want you to think there are things in its design that it doesn't want you to know about? Why does this fraud need you to believe that words in an ancient book can override the reality of what we can observe in nature?

A hint can be seen in his closing, and inevitable, threat that if you don't believe him, a dreadful fate awaits you - the same threat that was probably used to terrorise him into not wanting to know things when young and vulnerable to brain-washing. Ironically, he illustrates how religion resembles a mind-controlling virus, much like the parasites that turn insects and other creatures into zombies under their control, ready to be sacrificed for the benefit of the parasite.
To find out why 'Ether Technology' doesn't want you to read the book you probably need to read the book. The reason he needs to abandon intellectual integrity and hypocritically lie to you about it, will all become clear.

The book comes in hardcover, paperback and ebook for kindle versions and is available in all Amazon outlets worldwide and most on-line book sites. It can also be ordered from most decent book shops.

Since Amazon allow these 'reviews' to be posted by anyone with little or no regard for the accuracy of their contents, I invite readers to post accurate reviews of this and my other books to counter the lies of Creationists such as 'Ether Technology'. Please review the contents of the book, not what you think it might be about having never found the courage or the intellectual integrity to read it first.

When you show the world you know you need to lie for your faith, you show the world you know your faith is a lie that needs people to believe falsehoods.

Thank you for sharing!

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  1. Fundamentalists and creationists cannot handle the truth. They would rather believe that an ancient book called the Bible, which is vague, ambiguous, unclear, and full of contradictions, is the source of truth. The Bible has caused centuries of disagreement, division, and confusion. Christians are the most divided and most confused group of people.
    These religitards would rather believe that two ancient humans ate a forbidden fruit and caused all the parasites, diseases, and other horrors which abound in Nature, as if these things didn't exist before human sin. The Adam and Eve story is a silly infantile myth. It's supposed to explain and justify evil, sin, suffering, and death, and it's supposed to absolve God or the creator. It doesn't explain evil, it doesn't justify evil, and it doesn't absolve the creator for all the screwup in His creation. It doesn't tell me the why. It's a laughable, absurd, silly, stupid infantile myth which is far from reality. It's also cruel, unfair, unjust to punish the entire creation for the sin of two people who ate a forbidden apple. Anyone with functioning brain cells can see the illogic, cruelty, unfairness, insanity, and gross utter stupidity of this Biblical doctrine. Note in God's initial warning to Adam and Eve He doesn't bother telling them that the entire creation was in danger of being corrupted and ruined if they ate the Forbidden fruit. There's not a word and not a hint to indicate that there would be diseases, parasites, starvation, pollution, crimes, genocides, etc. The initial warning was directed only to Adam and Eve and not to the entire creation. Only AFTER Adam and Eve disobey does this unreasoning, unforgiving God decide to pass the curse, blame, and punishment to the ENTIRE creation for the sin of two people. Unfair, insane, stupid, and cruel. No common sense and no reasoning whatsoever. And what was a talking, tempting snake and a lurking Satan doing in the Garden of Eden? How does a snake even talk? How to make sense out of this confounding screwed up story? Our Bible experts are still arguing what this story means some 3000 years later. It's laughable and infuriating at the same time.


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