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Thursday, 19 August 2021

Covidiot News - Another Antivax Lie Busted By Science

Comparison of 1st day post-vaccination symptoms between groups
Study: Pregnant women do well with COVID vaccine | Newsroom

According to a large study of over 17,000 women, conducted by University of Washington medical School (UV Medicine), pregnant and lactating women who received the COVID-19 vaccinations, did not experience symptoms any more severe than their non-pregnant counterparts. And what symptoms they had were minor and predictable, such as slight pain at the injection site.

The study was limited largely to healthcare workers because at the time the study was conducted, they were the only women of the right age to have been vaccinated, as healthcare workers were vaccinated early as a high-risk group. The study now needs to be conducted on a more generalised sample to ensure there is not something in this group that is skewing the result. However, this is the second such study to produce these reassuring figures and it's difficult to imagine what about being a healthcare worker could be skewing the results. Nevertheless, that small possibility needs to be eliminated.

The finding was published open access in JAMA Network Open. In their conclusions the team report:
Vaccination reactions for day 1 were similar among groups and comparable with findings among pregnant individuals previously reported.6 All groups reported increased reactions following dose 2 of BNT162b2 [Pfizer-BioNTech] and mRNA-1273 [Moderna] vaccines.
So, yet another of the lies being spread by those covidiots who, for one reason or another, are trying to deter people from having the vaccine by either grossly exaggerating what few side effects there are or deliberately lying about what the vaccines contain and what effects they have. How much more damage has been done to pregnant women and to their babies by COVID-19, compared to the minimal side-effects the vaccinations might have had? How many of the liars spreading this false information also pretend to be pro-life when it comes to controlling women's reproductive rights?

Daily New Cases USA [19 Aug, 2021]
And all this comes from Donald Trump's initial narcissistic, knee-jerk response to being given information he couldn't understand about an approaching major pandemic for which he lacked to ability to formulate an effective plan of action, or the leadership skills to delegate that to someone who could. His disastrous response was to pretend to know more than the experts and dismissed the virus as harmless and the pandemic as a politically-motivated hoax, and then try to manage the ensuing disaster by bullying and intimidating anyone who disagreed with him whilst blaming anyone and everyone but himself.

And he was slavishly followed straight down that rabbit hole by his allies in the Talibangelical Christian churches, neo-Nazi white supremacist groups and by other right-wing GOP politicians, who now can't afford to lose face and change direction because that would alienate them from their misinformed and ignorant base whom they dragged down the same rabbit hole.

With proper political leadership, the USA, with its vast scientific resource and economic power, could have been at the forefront of global efforts to combat the coronavirus. Instead, they are now leading the world again in another major wave of infections of the δ variant with over 100,000 new cases a day, which could result in new and even more deadly variants arising in the large number of vaccine-resistant individuals currently falling sick because they have been fooled by politically-motivated, science-denying fools and liars.

And so the GOP-led, self-genocide of its gullible supporters continues apace...

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