Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Covidiot News - A Loopy Fundamentalist Christian Keeps up the Self-Genocide Campaign

Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel
"'They' are using the pandemic to take our freedom away!"
Liberty Counsel Official Calls COVID-19 Vaccines a ‘Crime Against Humanity’ | Right Wing Watch

So overwhelmingly are the new cases and deaths from COVID-19 coming from the unvaccinated/GOP-supporting segment of the American people that a self-inflicted genocide is the only realistic way to describe the current situation. The δ variant rages through the red states, infecting young and old alike, if they have been fooled by the right-wing, Talibangelical Trumpanzee and QAnon conspiracy nut jobs into remaining unvaccinated.

And prominent amongst the cheer-leaders in this genocide campaign is fruitloop Christian fundamentalist, Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel, who is using the American paranoia that there is always someone conspiring to 'come and take our freedoms away'. Recently, he told his credulous dupes that the vaccines are "maiming, paralyzing and killing people". In July he compared the vaccination campaign to the inhumane medical experiments carried out in Nazi Germany.

Covid-19 daily new cases (USA - 10 Aug, 2021)

Not missing the opportunity to make a nice bit on the side, on Friday, the fraud asked his supporters for $75 each so Liberty Counsel could send faxes on their behalf to every member of congress, urging them to oppose “mandatory COVID injections, vaccine passports, and tracing apps.” A fax costs a tiny fraction of that to send to multiple recipients.

With no figures to support him, he claimed the vaccines are "killing more people every day than the 9/11 attacks did" (3000) and that the vaccinations are causing more deaths than the illness. In the UK, a mass vaccination campaign has resulted in a much lower death rate from COVID-19 on a similar level of cases earlier in the pandemic, despite a recent surge in cases due to the δ variant. In the USA, of the order of 80% of COVID-19 hospital cases are of unvaccinated individuals, as cases are rising again due to the more virulent δ variant, 40% of them from just three red states - Georgia, Louisiana and Florida.

Stavers co-disinformation propagandist in this right-ring self-genocide campaign is Peter McCullough, who is currently being sued by Baylor University’s medical center for continuing to claim to be affiliated to them, despite agreeing last February to desist from making that claim. Apparently, he needs the spurious credibility this false claim of affliliation gives him to fool the simple-minded, GOP-supporting, Trumpanzee covidiots into believing he's telling them the truth, apparently aware that his credibility, even amongst them, is in as much doubt as that of his fellow fraud, Mat Stavers.

As Right Wing Watch points out:
[Readers] unfamiliar with Staver and wondering how much credence to give his commentary on COVID-19 vaccines may want to consider Staver’s wildly false claims about the Equality Act, which would protect Americans against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, but which Staver claims would force religious schools to hire pedophiles and “goat lovers.”
It seems in America at least, the extreme right is prepared to encourage its supporters in their self-inflicted genocide if there is the chance to make a bit of money and to increase their influence amongst the survivors. And these are, by and large, the same people who claim to be pro-life and so opose a woman's right to choose in the matter of family planning.

Donald Trump's ineptitude and disastrous term as POTUS has lead his supporters into a truly bizarre position of supporting the self-genocide of his and their supporters, rather than admit they got the response to the coronavirus pandemic totally wrong. Such is their regard for the sanctity of human life and their contempt for their credulous supporters.

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