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Tuesday 17 August 2021

Christian Loopy Liar News - Spreading False Information for Jesus

Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel
Lies include claim that the vaccine is designed to prevent people from procreating!
Mat Staver Claims COVID-19 Vaccines Are Designed to 'Prevent People From Procreating' | Right Wing Watch

Two well-known Talibangelist Christian nut-jobs who have been doing their best to encourage the self-genocide of Trumpanzee evangelical Christians and GOP voters, through false witnessing about COVID-19, were in the news last week.

First off is the habitual liar, Mat Staver, of Liberty Counsel, an extremist conservative Christian, homophobic hate group, who, despite having no medical or other science qualifications and who manifestly knows nothing about how vaccines work, has been feeding his equally ignorant supporters with blatantly made-up disinformation about them. Back in 2019, Staver's Liberty Counsel was campaigning against lynching being made a federal offence because it extended that protection to LGBTQ people. Apparently, this would contravene the civil liberty of extremist Christians to lynch LGBTQ people whenever they felt like doing so.

Now, sounding more like a sex-obsessed paranoid psychotic, he told viewers of his "World Prayer Network" on Facebook, that the vaccines are part of Bill Gates' plan to reduce the world population by up to a billion people. He claimed, without offering the slightest evidence or saying where he got the information from, that this is being achieved by making people sterile and/or sexually dysfunctional. He said:
What is involved in this is depopulation, population control to reduce the population of the planet, and to control everyone, and to do it by force and to have a tracking mechanism to determine whether or not you’ve had one of these particular injections. COVID is being used as a mechanism for a bigger global agenda.
Pandering to his target mark's antipathy to the science of evolution (which he misrepresented as supporting 'social Darwinism') and to the false link in the minds of the black members of his target audience that racism is somehow linked to acceptance of the TOE, he continued:
I don’t know whether [Bill] Gates got it. I don’t recall seeing anybody injecting his arm and if he did, who knows what they were putting in it. Bill Gates is definitely a social Darwinianist [sic], like Adolf Hitler, like Margaret Sanger, like J.D. Rockefeller, like the Carnegie Institute, like [Henry] Ford. … They were all Darwinianists [sic], social Darwinianists [sic]. They believed in evolution, they believe that Blacks and people that were not white were not as evolved, and that the whites were the more evolved ones—and only certain kinds of whites—and that was their ideology.
No evolutionary biologist would ever argue such a thing, as the notion of being more or less evolved is nonsensical and runs counter to what we know about how evolution is a response to the environment with no direction and no concept of being more or less evolved (towards what?). The only people I know who argue that, are white supremacists and allied neo-Nazis who, like Staver, knowingly misrepresent 'Darwinianism' to try to give a semblance of scientific support for their repugnant psychopathy. He continued:
If vaccines are supposed to make you more healthy, and you want to reduce population by 10 to 15 percent—which is going to be 700 million to a billion people on the planet, [Gates] wants to do that right away; about a billion people on the planet he wants to reduce and wipe off the planet now. You have to ask yourself how you’re going to do that. And if vaccines actually make you live longer, why would you then say people need vaccines? Well, it’s because they know that when they inject them, they can put things in your body that ultimately affect your reproduction.
So, in his paranoid little mind, if you want to 'wipe a billion people off the planet' you vaccinate them to stop them being wiped off the planet by a virus, then you make them so they can't breed!

Without the slightest evidence and showing his contempt for the intelligence of women, he then lied some more:
The vaccines go to certain concentrated places. It has very high concentration in the ovaries. What we’re seeing with women is missed menstrual cycles, two menstrual cycles a month, heavy bleeding, painful menstrual cycles. We’re even seeing that with people, by the way, who haven’t gotten the shot but have been in close proximity to those who have the shot. Start asking women in your reaches—it may be a sensitive situation, but just ask them: Have you experienced, after being in close contact with somebody who’s had the shot, have you experienced any rashes? Just ask them two questions: rashes or bleeding? And I can guarantee you [that] you will be surprised at how many women will come back and say, ‘Oh my—that’s why my monthly cycle is all messed up.'
I wonder how many women would say that if you asked them if they had been close to, say, a tree or a coffee pot! He neglected to explain how you get a vaccine jumps from another person simply by standing close to them! If that were possible, just imagine how much easier these vaccination campaigns would be. You just vaccinate a group of people and send them out into the community to stand next to people!

And he had even more paranoid idiocy to impart:
What it’s doing is it’s affecting the reproductive systems. And it goes to the testes as well. And it’s affecting both men and women in terms of their ability, or rather their inability, to later procreate. So, one: It’s killing people. Two: it’s going to prevent people from procreating. So, I will guarantee you that in a few years, when somebody does a study, they’re going to say, ‘I wonder why the population reproduction rate has plummeted?’ And whether they’re going to connect it to this or not, I don’t know. But this is their insidious plan.
Probably the most effective way to achieve a drastic reduction in the world population at the moment is to listen to lying idiots like Mat Staver and not get vaccinated against the coronavirus, as we are currently seeing in the USA. There, the vast majority of new infections, hospitalisations and deaths from the δ variant currently raging across America, are from red states and counties, where the vaccine uptake has been lowest because people have bought into the right wing anti-vax propaganda of the Trumpanzee cult, white Christian evangelicals, QAnon conspiracy nuts and Repugnican politicians pandering to these anti-social elements for political gain. So marked is this differential infection rate that some have even likened it to a self-genocide of the raving right.

Just to be clear on this, the vaccines contain a section of the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA (messenger RNA) that codes for the 'spike' proteins on their surface, and a means of delivering that into the cells at the injection site, which differs with the different vaccines (the harmless shell of a different virus with its own RNA removed and replaced with the SARS-CoV-2 'spike' mRNA, or a suspension of micro-droplets of a harmless oil in which the mRNA is suspended, etc).

Inside the cells, this strand of viral mRNA is used by the cells own mechanism for making proteins to make copies of the viral spike proteins. These are harmless in themselves, being used by the live virus to prize open the cell membrane of the cells lining your respiratory tract in order to inject its full genome into them and convert them into virus production factories, killing them in the process. These spike proteins are recognised by your immune system as 'foreign' proteins, provoking an immune response to make antibodies against them. Then, if you do get infected by the virus, you will have antibodies which attack its protein coat, rendering it harmless and clumping virus particles together, so another part of your immune system, phagocytic white blood cells, can gobble them up and destroy them with powerful enzymes.

There is no evidence at all that the vaccine or the antibodies are concentrated in any organs such as ovaries and testes and no evidence at all that the vaccine can cause irregular menstruation, reduced fertility or sexual dysfunction. Staver has apparently made all of that up and grafted it onto his deliberate misrepresentation of the TOE and any advocacy Bill Gates made have made for lowering the global birth rate as part of the strategy to combat climate change (which is not the same as "wiping a billion people off the planet"!).

Pastor Greg Locke, Global Vision Bible Church, Tennessee.
Banned from holding an event at Union University because of extremist views and anti-COVID vaccine lies.
The second Talibangelical Christian fruitloop in the news is our old friend, Greg Locke; not so much for his idiotic campaign against face-masks but because, so repulsed have the students at a Christian university been by his treats of violence and promulgation of disinformation, including having armed thugs in his church to prevent the authorities restricting services in any way, that they have successfully petitioned to have a visit from Locke cancelled.

According to this report in Religion News Service, Locke was due to address an event organised by the right-wing, extremist Christian, anti-face mask, anti-COVID restrictions group, 'Tennessee Stands', at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, as part of his 'Freedom Matters' tour. Locke, an unrepentant Trumpanzee and self-declared 'Prophet of God', who falsely prophesied that Trump would win a second term by a landslide, has been using that tour to spread lies and disinformation about the coronavirus, vaccines, face-masks and November's presidential election integrity and anything promulgated by the shadowy pro-Trump, neo-Nazi QAnon conspiracy that still seems to be searching in vain for its followers' lower level of credulity.

Promotion material for Locke's tour read:
If you’re tired of the perpetual masking, medical privacy invasions, indoctrination in schools, or election integrity being compromised here is your opportunity to stand and be counted.
But the petition to cancel the event, organized by Union graduate, Lisa Herod, read:
The beliefs espoused by Freedom Matters neither represent scientific fact or biblical truth, and the fact that they will be shared from a pulpit is not only shameful, but negligent and reprehensible.
In announcing the cancellation, Union President, Samuel W. Oliver, denied that the university had ever sponsored or endorsed the event but had merely contracted to rent premises for it. That contract is now cancelled and 'Freedom Matters' will not be allowed to use the university campus. In an email to the Union community he said:
Given what has come to light about the Freedom Matters Tour and some of the speakers associated with it, we have chosen to cancel our facilities contract for this event. The Freedom Matters Tour will not be holding a rally on the Union campus.
Locke, of Global Vision Bible Church, a fundamentalist Baptist church in Tennessee, has a notice on the door of his church warning that anyone who dares to wear a face-mask inside will be thrown out. He has also issued a general threat to the Tennessee authorities that if anyone tries to enforce restrictions on services in his church, they will be met with an armed response. He told a meeting in Dallas recently:
We so believe in our First Amendment right to gather that if you show up and you impede my First Amendment right — we are going to meet you at the door with our Second Amendment right [i.e. guns].
During the first wave lockdown when churches were compulsorily closed for personal services, Locke's covidiot church continued to hold super-spreader events in a tent.

Ever since being exposed as a false prophet by getting the result of the presidential election spectacularly wrong, while claimign God had assured him personally that Trump would win, Locke's behaviour and pronouncements have been becoming increasingly bizarre and deranged, but that threat of violence, combined with the disinformation he is now spreading about the anti-COVID-19 vaccine, seems to have been the final straw for Union University students, who have collectively decided he should not be provided with a platform from which to spread his message of violence, hate and paranoid anti-science propaganda.

At least there are a few Christians who have not been duped by the right-wing, political extremists in the evangelical Christian movement in the USA. If only more of them would stand up and be counted.

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