Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Atheism - The Winning Continues as Religions Lose Their Importance to Americans

Importance of Religion in USA today
Religion | Gallup Historical Trends

Another Gallop poll to gladden the heart of any Atheist or secular humanist, showing again the decline in religion in the USA. This poll appears to be undated, the only clue being that the last data points are for 2020 and the copyright is dated 2021, so we can assume the poll represents the state of religious opinion towards the end of 2020.

I'll let the charts speak for themselves since they need little by way of explanation. The trendlines in the first chart were added by me using Excel's 3 phase polynomial which gave a closer fit to the data points than a simple linear trend.

Chart 1. Change in religious preference with major demographics projected forward 20 years on current trends.

Chart 2. Relative importance of religion in the lives of respondents.

Chart 3. Membership or otherwise of a church or synagogue.

Chart 4. Self identification as "born again" or "Evangelical" or not.
It may be significant that the lowest three years this century for Evangelical Christians were also the final three years of Donald Trump's presidency.

There is a clear and steepening trend in American religious opinion towards a lessenign importance and an increasing rejection of organised religions. Many more people are now willing to identify as having no religious affiliation and a very clear trend away from the fundamentalist extremism of the evangelicals. This poll reinforces the findings of another Gallop poll I reported on a short while ago.

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