Saturday, 24 April 2021

Fundamentally Hypocritical

Dr. Robert Jeffess
"Satan targets Evangelical Leaders and makes them 'sin'."
The Christian response when a brother falls

Another noxious bubble of stinking hypocrisy just burst on the surface of that cesspit of corruption, American fundamentalist Christianity, in the form of Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist-Dallas.

In doing so, it showed how fundamentalists use religion as the source of excuses for their behaviour, so they don't need to take responsibility for their own actions and the consequences of them.

Commenting on the difficulties currently befalling Jerry Falwell Jnr and Liberty University, Jeffress blamed Satan.

Readers may recall how Jerry Falwell Jnr., head of Liberty University - a post he inherited from his dad, who founded the fundamentalist, right-wing conservative Christian Bible college - resigned abruptly when it was revealed that he and his wife Becki, had been having an unusual arrangement with a pool boy from Miami, Giancarlo Granda. The arrangement was that Becki and Giancarlo had sex while Jerry watched.

It also emerged that Falwell had decided to give public support to Donald Trump's election campaign shortly after receiving help from Trump's shady lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, in preventing Granda making the photographs of the trio's activities public. Cohen had earlier been instrumental in bribing the prostitute, Stormy Daniels, to keep quiet about her activities with Donald Trump, during the 2016 election campaign - about which he later lied to Congress and for which he went to prison for election campaign expense offences in not declaring the payment as an expense by the Trump team.

Jerry Jnr and Becki Falwell, preaching
Further scandals concerning the Falwell's unusual sexual arrangements began to emerge when a student at Liberty and friend of the couple's son, revealed that Becki had invited him to receive oral sex, about which she had boasted to a fiend, saying the only concern Jerry had about it was that he hadn't had an opportunity to watch. Other stories began to emerge about Becki's sexual advances to other students and her inapropriate, unsolicited physical contact with them.

On his resignation, Jerry Jnr assured the Liberty University Board that he knew nothing of Becki's affair with Granda or her adulterous behaviour, did not participate in any way, and condemned her sexual promiscuity. The Board bought his explanation, despite the rumours of the existence of videos, emails and text messages, seen by Reuters, proving otherwise, and paid out over $10 million in severance pay to Jerry Jnr - money which they are now suing to recover, claiming Falwell mislead them.

But, according to Dr. Robert Jeffress, none of this is Jerry Jnr or Becki Falwell's fault. It was Satan who did it, because Satan targets leading Christians and causes their morals to spiral downwards into 'sin' - and Jerry and Becki 'sinned' regularly, apparently. It was Satan, for example, who made Jerry Jnr pose on a yacht with his arm round a scantily-clad young woman with his and her pants unzipped, with Jerry Jnr. holding a glass of what looked like red wine, but which he claimed was a glass of black water used as a 'prop', for the 'joke' photo (drinking alcohol is forbidden to Liberty University employees and students). Presumably, it was Satan who took the photo and posted it on Instagram under Jerry's account, and then quickly took it down, but not before screen shots had been taken.

First of all, nobody should rejoice in the downfall of another person. We should be praying for Jerry, his family, [and] for the Liberty University family as a whole. Secondly, we need to remember that none of us is immune from falling into sin. We can all fall. It usually never happens immediately. It's a slow erosion of our souls over a long period of time that leads to a final collapse.

In his crosshairs would be every Christian, but certainly those who have a public ministry and are well known by others. We're all joined together with other Christians, and when one Christian falls, it really does hurt the entire witness of Christ.

Dr. Robert Jeffress First Baptist Church Dalas.
So, there we have a ready-made excuse for any other leading evangelical Christian caught in what seems to be the common 'sins' of sexual promiscuity, adultery, abuse of minors and vulnerable people, fraud, etc, amongst evangelical Talibangelists preachers, to whom the strict rules they tell others to live by don't seem to apply.

Neat, eh? A religion which has a built-in scapegoat for the hypocritical and self-licensed, morally exemptioned behaviour of its leading proponents. A religion which provides just the excuses its leaders need for their stinking hypocrisy, moral depravity and anti-social behaviour, so they don't need to take responsibility for their own behaviour.

Religions provide excuses for people who need excuse.

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