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Thursday 29 April 2021

How Creationists Lie to Us - Tom Meyer

'Leonardo', the 77-million-year-old Brachylophosaurus canadensis Showing the beautifully-preserved 'soft' tissue.
Dinosaur discovery contradicts theory of evolution, claims creationist Bible expert | Weird | News | Express.co.uk

Young-Earth Creationist, Tom Meyer's claim to fame is that he can recite large chunks of the Bible from memory - so this makes him an expert biologist, geologist and cosmologist, fully qualified to inform millions of working biomedical scientists, geologists and cosmologists, that they've got it all wrong and he knows best - because he's memorised large chunks of a book.

Only trouble is, he also seems to realise he needs to misrepresent science, misinform his audience and play to their gullible, scientifically-illiterate credulity to foist his superstitions on his dupes.

For example, despite being told countless times that he is wrong, he persists in telling people that a beautifully-preserved fossilised duck-billed dinosaur, discovered embedded in a canyon wall in Montana, and nicknamed 'Leonardo' by the scientists who discovered it, was covered in soft skin and had other 'soft' tissues such as claws and internal organs, perfectly preserved.

Artists impression of 'Leonardo' in life.
Image : Getty
In fact, the fossil in question had fossilised soft tissues that were nonetheless mineralised and hard, like mineralised bone. Yet he persists with the lie that 'fossilised soft tissue' means the tissue itself was still soft, conveniently ignoring the 'fossilised' part. Having so softened up his dupes with that lie, he then hits them with the 'obvious' conclusion that the tissue could not possibly still be soft after millions of years, so the dinosaur must have died in the Biblical flood, just a few thousand years ago, and is one of the 'dragons' mentioned in the Bible! A Bible that was written about the mega-fauna of North America, apparently.

There's nothing quite like a lie followed up with a false dichotomy fallacy for fooling Creationist simpletons.

He could simply have fact-check his claims with a two-minute search with Google, for instance, where he could have discovered:

In spite of its exceptional preservation, Leonardo became a fossil in the usual way. Sediment buried its body, and minerals slowly replaced its tissues. But something about Leonardo's burial was different. Typically, soft tissues like skin, muscle and cartilage decay long before fossilization can take place. In Leonardo's case, something -- perhaps a thick layer of wet sediment -- protected the body from the scavengers and bacteria that break down soft tissue. His skin and internal organs lasted long enough to turn to stone. This turned Leonardo into one of a handful of mummified dinosaur fossils. At the time of its discovery, Leonardo was one of only four mummified dinosaurs ever found [source: Mayell]. This rarity made studying the fossil without destroying it extremely important.

But of course, he chose not to. He decided to lie instead because the last thing he wanted was for his dupes to know the truth about a 77 million-year-old dinosaur. That just doesn't fit in with what he needs them to believe about the age of the Universe.

Proving once again that:
When you show the world you know you need to lie for your faith, you show the world you know your faith is a lie.

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