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Talibangelical News - Hysteria Because SCOTUS Rules Facebook is not USA

Republican Laura Loomer, Right wing Trumpanzee Conspiracist
Laura Loomer Contemplates Getting a 'Nazi-Style Holocaust Tattoo' to Symbolize Her 'Digital Extermination' on Social Media | Right Wing Watch

Something that extremist Talibangelical fundamentalists find hard to understand is how the US constitutional constraints on the US government don't apply world-wide or to private organizations, so imagine their shock and horror when they discover that they don't!

Laura Loomer, an extreme right-wing, Islamophobic conspiracy theorist and Trumpanzee nut-job was so incensed when SCOTUS declined to hear the case she brought before them, claiming her ban on Facebook and other social media for disseminating hate and disinformation violated her First Amendment right to free speech that she is threatening to have the SCOTUS case number tattooed on her wrist, like a Nazi death camp victim.

In effect, SCOTUS ruled that they have no jurisdiction over how a private company applies its own TOS that its customers have agreed to. It's hard to see how they could have reached any other conclusion, given that the First Amendment is explicitly a constraint on government and the social media are private companies and not part of the government or even agents of the government at any level in the USA.

With typical insensitivity, Loomer is equating the loss as what she regards as her special entitlement to abuse and foment hate with being a victim of the Holocaust!
Laura Loomer of course equates freedom of speech with freedom to say whatever she wants regardless of its truth or the effect it might have on others, even if it contravenes the social media Terms of Service she had agreed to abide by when she signed up to them on opening her account. She also fells that her special privileges as a white Talibangelical means she doesn't need to keep the word she gave when she agreed to the TOS she said she would comply with and Facebook and other social media have an obligation to provide her with a free platform to say just whatever she wants, when she wants, without any accountability.
Last Tuesday, Loomer told the You Tube channel, "CrowdSourcing the Truth" that she was a victim of "digital extermination". Equating her ban from Facebook to the Holocaust with typical sensitivity, she said:
We all know that the favorite tactic of communists and Nazis is censorship. When I handcuffed myself to Twitter [headquarters], as you know, Jason, I wore a yellow star because I really do believe that what we’re seeing right now is massive digital extermination, which is a precursor to actual extermination. And I do believe that history is going to repeat itself, and we’re gonna find ourselves with concentration camps again. We are living in a digital gulag, and just like gulag prisoners and prisoners in concentration camps had to have tattoos — the Nazi-style Holocaust tattoos — I thought that it would be really symbolic to actually get my docket number tattooed on my wrist like a Holocaust-style tattoo because I really do believe that history is repeating itself and we are witnessing a digital Shoah, and this is digital extermination by these actual fascists and tyrants in Silicon Valley. And so, I might just get my docket number tattooed on my wrist.
Back in 2018, following her permanent ban from Twitter because of her targeting of Rep. Ilhan Omar with Islamophobic abuse, she did indeed handcuff herself to the front door of Twitter HQ.

According to Right Wing Watch, Loomer is a close associate of extreme right-wing conspiracist, attorney Larry Klayman, her lawyer. Klayman has a record of spurious claims and lawsuits against anyone who is not as far right as he is and thus features high in his demonology. His loopy and paranoid claims included:
  • The "Jewish left" will destroy America.
  • Barak Obama was organising a coup.
  • Hillary Clinton was planning a modern-day Holocaust, had she been elected.
  • The Clintons ordered people to be killed.
  • Obama was a Communist dictator and a despot who cooked up an Ebola-ISIS plot to kill Americans.
  • Obama's birth certificate was a fake, so he was ineligible to be POTUS.
  • Obama was threatening his life as a white man by merely existing - something he announced he was going to sue Obama for.
  • Trump's critics should be guillotined.
He even sued his own mother for compensation for the medical fees he had paid for her mother (his own grandmother).

His commitment to freedom of speech - a right he only espouses for extremist conservatives - can be judged by his lawsuit against The New York Times seeking $147.5 million in damages for “widespread ridicule and humiliation” of Sheriff Joe Arpaio for publishing a factual account of his tenure of office as sheriff of Maricopa County.

With typical right-wing Talibangelical hypocrisy, whilst supporting Loomer in her attempt to get the courts to guarantee her freedom to tell lies, Klayman is simultaneously trying to get the courts to prevent the New York Times from publishing the truth.

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