Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Right Wing Christian Racism News - "It's The Jews, I Tell You!"

Right-wing Christian pastor Rick Wiles,
Conspiracy theorist and anti-Semite.
Rick Wiles Says the US Is Under the Control of ‘Satanic Zionists’ | Right Wing Watch

The undercurrent of antisemitism in extreme right-wing Christian fundamentalism was given another noxious airing recently when radical right-wing Christian, conspiracy theorist and End Times broadcaster, Pastor Rick Wiles, declared that the United States is under the control of “Satanic Zionists.”.

Wiles, a non-denominational senior pastor at Flowing Streams Church in Vero Beach, Florida, with a long history of antisemitism, homophobia and support for Putin's Russia, delivered the following hate-filled rant to the audience of his TruNews [sic] broadcast:
The reason the ruling deep state of America hates the Russian people and wants to destroy them? It is the satanic Zionist power that overthrew the Russian government in 1917, did a human blood sacrifice of the Romanov family — a satanic ritual where they slaughtered the Romanovs, it was a satanic blood sacrifice — that same group of Satanists that overthrew the Russian people in 1917, that’s what controls America today.

That spirit right there is what is destroying the United States of America, destroying our freedom, destroying our culture, that spirit right there. That’s what’s making war against Russia. They overthrew it, they got free, they got out from under its bondage. And so who is under its bondage now? The American people. We’re under the bondage of that same satanic spirit.

Who is always attacking us? The Zionists. There’s nobody else attacking me. Zionists. It’s not every Jewish person, it’s the Zionists, it’s the satanic Zionists. They are satanic. Old Henry Kissinger is one of them, old Alan Greenspan is one of them. Who has weakened America? Greenspan and Kissinger. Now they want war with Russia because the Russian people got free of their chains and bondage and returned to Christ. That’s what it’s about. The Russian people returned to Christ.
Well who would have thought that Vladimir Putin is a bastion of Christian principles and a supporter of Jesus!

Last April, Wiles announced that God had sent the coronavirus, which was being spread by synagogues, to punish the LGBTQ community, because Jews had conspired to impeach Donald Trump and because they opposed "his son, the Lord Jesus Christ". He made the same allegation - that God had sent a plague to destroy the LGBTQ community - about the ebola virus in 2014. He neglected to explain why God's plan had failed on that occasion or why the Coronavirus is killing devout Christians with the same ease and frequency with which it kills anyone else.

Loopy Wiles has also demanded Dr Fauci, America's leading epidemiologist and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and President Biden's chief medical advisor, should be taken to Guantanamo Bay and tortured until he admits working with China to create the coronavirus and reveals the names of the other 'traitors' who worked with him. In his TruNews [sic] broadcast he said of Dr Fauci:
You're a liar! You know what you did, Fauci. You worked with the Chinese Communist Party for years. And you used our own taxpayer money to work on a coronavirus with bats. And you did it behind our backs, deceiving the American people, and you participated in the creation of this virus. [Fauci] should be taken to Guantánamo Bay and waterboarded [until he coughs up] the truth. Fauci must also give the names of "the other traitors who have helped China damage the United States of America with this virus.
He offered no evidence beyond his own assertion, that the virus was deliberately created by China to damage America or that Dr Fauci was involved in anyway. Obviously, bearing false witness against people is a special privilege that Wiles has awarded himself in order to attract bigger donations from other Christian evangelicals who want to hear these excuses for race-hate.

And of course, in this paranoid bigot's parochial little world, and that of his deluded followers, everthing that happens revolves around America or is the result of something that happened in America - even a global pandemic!

Does Christian fundamentalism cause insanity or does insanity cause Christian fundamentalism? Either way, the result is the same - an almost complete detachment from reality, psychotic paranoia, race-hate and division.

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