Thursday 22 April 2021

Right-Wing Christians for Lynch Law

George Floyed by Lukas Carlson, 2020
Right-Wing Activists Attack Conviction of Derek Chauvin, Engage in Whataboutism | Right Wing Watch

In the wake of the conviction of ex-police officer, Derek Chauvin, for the extra-judicial killing of George Floyd, yet another in a long list of white police officers killing black people, right-wing white supremacist Christian fundamentalists are coming out in favour of these murders and in defense of the murderers.

Right-wing extremist, Candace Owens, who at the time of the killing tried to justify it by branding Floyd, "a horrible human being" and then categorised the protests that followed as catering for "the bottom denominator in society" (i.e. black people), declared the verdict "mob justice".

Trumpanzee lawyer, Jenna Ellis claimed the jury reached its 'guilty' verdicts because they were influenced by 'leftist' to make him "pay for the collective sins of white people".

Another neo-fascist extremist, Mike Cernovich, declared that the verdict will result in police officers leaving the cities to move into 'deep red' areas,
presumably because he believes in these Repugnican areas they can continue to kill black people with impunity, like in the good ol' days of Jim Crow, segregation and KKK Lynchings. He was supported in this by the far-right activist, Jack Posobiec, who blamed the anti-fascist "Antifa", whom Trump declared to be "terrorists". Remember how in Trump’s America, opposing fascism was regarded as terrorism?

Leading Trumpanzee extremist, Ryan Fournier, who last January spoke at Trump's "Stop the Steal" rally in Washington D.C, that advocated rebellion and resulted in the Trumpanzee attempted coup d’état at the Capitol, said, "You all know that Derek Chauvin did not get a fair trial", and QAnon conspiracist, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Repugnican Representative from Georgia, claimed the verdict showed that the BLM movement had now proved itself to be the most powerful domestic terrorist organization in the country. She claimed there could be no other verdict after Black Rep. Maxine Waters, (R-Calif) about whom Taylor Green has a particular fixation, said if Chauvin were acquitted, protestors would need to become more confrontational.

Omar Navarro, who twice unsuccessfully ran against Maxine Waters, also blamed her for the verdict, decaring that "George Floyd was a crackhead" and Chavin was not guilty (as though extra-dudicial killing of alleged drug addicts is lawful).

Far-right extremist, Ethan Ralph, who has been accused of posting revenge porn of an 18 year-old woman (later dismissed) also took the opportunity to lash out at BLM, declaring “BLM has their knee on the neck of America right now,”. The idea that Black Lives Matter really seems to threaten these white Christian neo-fascists!

Scott Morefield declared that the jury reached their verdict, not because of the evidence they were shown of Chauvin kneeling on Floyd's neck until he was dead, but because they were afraid of protests if they acquitted, and far-right writer, Cassandra Fairbanks, expressed pity for Chauvin with "Poor Chauvin. This is awful. He is a political prisoner. Nobody can change my mind on this", but she later bravely deleted her tweet, presumably having changed her mind.
Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire, repeated the refuted claim that George Floyed actually died of a drug overdose with "George Floyd’s death will go down as the most consequential drug overdose in history," and far-right Islamophobic, Trumpanzee fruitloop, Laura Loomer, whom readers may recall recently worked herself up into a tizzy when SCOTUS declined to apply the First Amendment to Facebook on the grounds that Facebook is a private organization, not part of the US government, took to Parler to castigate Floyd as a "degenerate thug" and declare Chauvin innocent.

Right-wing gun nut, Kaitlin Bennett proclaimed the 'alternative facts' that “There is only institutional racism against
whites. There is only police brutality against conservatives and small business owners," and the Repugnican candidate for Governor of Virginia, Senator Amanda Chase, said the verdict made her sick.

One of the more shocking responses to the verdict came from black conservative conspiracist, Brandon Tatum, who came up with the wackadoodle notion that black people are encouraged to get themselves killed by the police to make money for politicians and 'talking heads'! On Fox News' Laura Ingraham's program he declared:
And these political pundits and these political talking heads, they want you to fight the police, they want you to be killed so they can make all this money, they can promote it on the news, they can get a payout with the family, and you're going to be dead as a doornail,
And Fox News' Tucker Carlson opined that the verdict was the result, not of an assessment of the evidence against Chauvin, but because:
Everyone understood perfectly well the consequences of an acquittal in this case. After nearly a year of burning and looting and murder by BLM, that was never in doubt.
Finally we have Loopy Guiliani, Donald Trump's hapless personal lawyer and former governor of New York, who waded in with the declaration that the trial had been hijacked by the media, on Steve Bannon's War Room podcast.

One thing that stands out strongly in these extremist responses to the George Floyd murder and the conviction of his killer, appart from the disregard for the facts and the assertions presented without evidence as facts, to which we became accustomed in the Trump years, is the astonishing lack of respect for the workings of American Law and the democratic process.

This does not auger well for a future in which these neo-fascist supporters of sedition and white supremacism are in charge. What confidence could anyone have in a judical process in which guilt and inncence are not determined by an assessment of the evidence but on the right-wing populist pronouncements of biased and prejudiced politicians with their own self-interest uppermost?

Hopefully, it will not have gone unnoticed that these extremists are all fundamentalist Christian supporters of Donald Trump, just in case anyone should be foolish enough to think a Trump win in 2024 is a good idea. Even the thought of his candidacy should raise alarm bells in the minds of any decent American, just as it does for most of the rest of the world. Last time fascism took hold in a country led by a psychopath with an acute narcissistic personality disorder, it cost 40 million lives to get rid of it and this time round, these psychopathic nutters would have nukes!

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