Sunday, 11 April 2021

Trumpanzee Fruitloop News - More Bull From Robin Bullock

Robin Bullock, Youth Force Ministries Church International
'Prophet' Robin Bullock Calls on Biden to Confess That He's 'Not the Legitimate President' | Right Wing Watch

Readers will be familiar with self-styled prophet of God, Robin Bullock, of Youth Force Ministries Church International, and his increasingly deranged attempts to prove his God-given guarantee that Trump would win a second term was not a false prophesy, despite the fact that Biden won.

Only last week he claimed that God has given him authority to 'call' Donald Trump back to the White House. A month ago, he was declaring that President Joe Biden didn't really exist. Now he claims God has told him he is 'extending the hand of mercy' to this 'non-existent' Joe Biden. All he has to do is 'confess' that he is not the legitimate president and hand power back to Trump and all will be forgiven.

He used his Tuesday 'Eleventh Hour' YouTube church service to tell his credulous followers this load of old bullocks:
There’s an opportunity for repentance for Joe Biden. The Lord is giving this word, and he prompted me to do it over and over: You must stand up in front of the American people and admit what happened. Stand up and say, ‘It was a fraud.’ Stand up and say, ‘I didn’t win legitimate.’ Don’t tell your handlers what you’re going to say. Just say it before they can stop you. You would be heralded a hero at that point.

It is an opportunity for you to make it right. Stand up before the American people before your handlers can stop you. … The Lord is going to bring it to you and drop it in your heart to do this. Do it. Get up in front of the people before they can stop you and say, ‘Listen, folks, we found out, I know this is a hoax. I’m not the legitimate president.’ And make it right, and everything will transition properly. It is a chance, hallelujah, before the Lord. He extended this hand of mercy.
And the fools are still sending him money so he can continue to "do God's work" (and keep him in a life-style of which most of his dupes can only dream).

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